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  1. intlx10m

    X10Hosting Feedback

    I've been with X10Hosting for like 3+ years now. The free hosting services they provided never disappointed me. The caching mechanism is quite a bit astonishing. There has been a time where the free hosting server served 14000+ pageviews on my website in a day, though it went up and down but...
  2. intlx10m

    Need help in purchasing x10premium

    Resolved!....Recieved an email with Answers in just minutes.....Kudos! a swift response team seems like a good sign!...
  3. intlx10m

    Need help in purchasing x10premium

    Hi! Let me start out by saying that I've been with x10hosting for nearly 3 years and I can't tell you how much happy I am happy with the service. During these 3 years, my websites have grown incredibly and I've reached to a point where I can't rely on limited resources of free hosting. During...
  4. intlx10m

    Could not create directory : Disk quota exceeded - Disk Space: 2.92/∞

    That solved my issue!... Thanks guys!. You guys totally rock!. Thinking of shifting to premium plan for 3 years as my needs have gradually increased in these 2 years.
  5. intlx10m

    Could not create directory : Disk quota exceeded - Disk Space: 2.92/∞

    Are you sure about that? 'cause I just deleted 600MB worth of files just to see if thats the problem!.
  6. intlx10m

    Could not create directory : Disk quota exceeded - Disk Space: 2.92/∞

    From past few weeks I've been unable to upload nor create new files. When ever I try to create a folder or file it says But I was upgraded to unlimited disk space about year ago and everything was good and running untill now. My cPanel still shows that disk space is ∞ and i've used up around...
  7. intlx10m

    "Your site might hit resource limits soon"

    Yesterday my site (highschooldotin - make sure you convert dot - ".") has had around 12800 hits and i'm sure resource usage must be high. As per Google Analytics data, I've served site for around 95 people at a time. When I checked Resource Usage in cPanel today I found this message...
  8. intlx10m

    Can't switch to CPanel 3

    Its fixed now...Thank You!....You guys ROCK at providing hosting....
  9. intlx10m

    Can't switch to CPanel 3

    Facing same issue...
  10. intlx10m

    Would my free account's mysql server be able to handle a million records?

    I have an huge database consisting of ~1.3 Million Records basically consisting of only text and numbers. I just wanted to know if free accounts are allowed to insert in such amounts of records into MYSQL server. I have gone through ToS but i didn't come across anything related to MYSQL. I am...
  11. intlx10m

    Need 2 more Subdomain

    There is no way to get an Extra 2 sub-domains. Its fixed for everyone i.e, 2.
  12. intlx10m

    Review my Site - Creatable

    Looks elegant and simple but a lot of things that can be worked on!. Whether its Site menu or User Interface everything can be made a bit more elegant. If you are not that much good at CSS and JS go a head with third party user interface like FLAT UI for instance have a look at it...
  13. intlx10m

    Please review this Site before I place a Domain Name.

    If i ain't mistaken this is a template from Yoothemes i.e, Revista. I guess i previously had a look on it earlier. So, there's no point in in discussing the site layout as these things come out tested from author as well as the company which buys this template. I guess what you should now look...
  14. intlx10m

    Help tranfering data from one website to another

    You need to set name servers to & . They come live in around 1-2 hours and a max of 48 hours. Then you can add in the domain via your cPanel i.e, cPanel >> Add On Domain fill in required details and you are ready to host site. As you wanna transfer whole...
  15. intlx10m

    Not really new to X10, but a returning fan!

    Hi!....welcome back!!!...Thats true that there are no other hosting providers like X10....:):):):):):)
  16. intlx10m

    Greetings from Argentina

  17. intlx10m

    Change Domain Name Please?

    I guess you are gonna have to talk to staff members as you want to merge in your accounts!.
  18. intlx10m

    NJ Roofing Contractors

    Hi! There, 1&2. I believe there is adequate information regarding the company on the website!. 3. If you are thinking of using Adwords as Advertisement tool i would recommend you to make the website more innovative. 4. I am not surprised but i guess its due to search results and frequent visits...
  19. intlx10m

    Cannot Upload Pic in Workpress

    Here's a post describing all the requirements for getting unlimited disk quota!
  20. intlx10m

    Review my Site

    Glad i could help :):):)!...