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    Thanks... did I have one? :s
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    Ive been under quite a few bridges and in deep waters during my away time... There is a cause and effect in life with certainly grabbed on me at quite young age. I have not been active since 2006 because of certain health issues and did not really had the time to pickup my old life and such...
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    Mello, Any thing new to the good old X10Hosting? :) -FeestBijtje
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    (edit: i'm closed)

    I got bored so i tried this: REMOVED Andyes it works great :) I am doing this now on internet of nabors ^^
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    Free MMORPG's...

    every one heard about it once an MMORPG... :o Well ill explain you things about this thread. We are here to discus free MMORPG's Such as the famous RuneScape and 3d Based games such as project entropia and KalOnline those are free MMORPG's to be able to play without paying for it. And i did...
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    For the people with an visa card don't do this!!!

    Visa scammers :runaway::ohnoes: And i love my spam mail some times its hilaric :bsflag:
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    Any one interested with making an 3D online RPG

    Hello members of x10Hosting. Currently i am working on an few 3D Models. And searching an good engine to use for my special little project... (little? Lol we will see) But yet Ive been working out the whole freaking day for just an few things and i did like to wish some help from...
  8. FeestBijtje Down?

    When i go to It claims its not there... note: whats up with it?:lockd:
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    SQL Problems post here...

    I have noticed that my SQL server is down. Please report it in here to prevend spam... Mine is down also. Login: bleeding Domain:
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    Any one got an psp?

    Hey lads, Currently i am verry addicted with my psp and the game dynos the warriors. And the PSP is bloody impressive specialy with games some times. I hope mor people has the PSP so we could wi-fi multiplay with it :)
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    Password Reset...

    Need a password reset :| Dunno what happend but its quite :roflwerd: whats happening PM or MAIL dousnt matter ^^ Sub: Bleeding-eye.x10.....
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    Weapons aggainst my nabors ^^

    Simply sayd ive bought an brand new speakers set for my nabors and my lovely music and seriosly... they loved me when i came home with it.. ^^ Tell me what speakers you got/use and with soundcard? i am intrested :P
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    e-Bay Spoof's are all over the net!

    This morning Ive got out of my bed and started all my computers. After checking some e-mail Ive noticed there was SPAM mail, Ive been checking it and noticed that dear e-Bay e-mailed me after a short check Ive noticed that it was an spoof! Because they were asking me for UPDATING my...
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    [OFF] 30 Places Free For Bleeding Eye Society Team.

    Welcome to the Bleeding Eye Society Forums. There are allot spots free on the community and the forums to bring security and fun on the Internet. I am recruiting 30 places on the whole community the ranks & places are well placed on the forums for making an perfect contribution. Places free: 30...
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    Fried my network(Literly)

    When a friend of mine was cleaning my house when i gone to the hostpital for a half our. He wetted the UDP cables, And that coused a small fire and now i must use the internet from the nabors tomorrow it is probely soulved working all day on my cables sucks but i managed to get 1 cable fixed...
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    Database problem.

    I tried to post some news on my site and suddenly i got an "Database error." I wanted to go to phpmyadmin to backup the databases. (Whats left of it) And got "Wrong UserName/Password" so i cannot backup the mysql db's Ive tried to make a new database and nothing happend. Is the MySQL server down?
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    Microsoft mixes it up

    Microsoft this week announced a sweeping reorganization of the company into three new divisions, a shift that will lead to the retirement of longtime Windows development chief Jim Allchin. But the software giant wasn't the only one mixing it up this week, as the Gulf Coast braced itself for...
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    Do you use Drugs?

    Alright, I am just wondering if some uses drugs or not and why... My awnswer to every one: Yes, Some times at a event or big party. Why: Some times i like to use it to feel one with the music it gives me a sort of satisfaction by just feeling my self diffrend. And i am not a person who uses...
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    Attack code published for Firefox flaw

    Computer code that could be used to attack Firefox, Mozilla Suite and Netscape users has been released on the Internet. The release of the attack code comes days after Mozilla released an updated version of Firefox to fix several security flaws, including the bug exploited by the code. A fixed...
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    Fix in for Firefox bugs

    Mozilla has released an update to Firefox to fix several serious security flaws, including a recently disclosed bug that could let attackers secretly run malicious software on PCs. Firefox 1.0.7 was issued late Tuesday, a representative said. A new Mozilla Suite 1.7.12, containing the...