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  1. ZeptOr

    My new project

    Looks great, I like the colors scheme
  2. ZeptOr

    Review my site

    the link just redirects me to the forums.. but the forums look nice
  3. ZeptOr

    HELP! Reformatting my iPod

    my computer doesn't read my ipod anymore.. so how am i going to reformat it back to FAT32? And I did search Google
  4. ZeptOr

    HELP! Reformatting my iPod

    I use my iPod as both an mp3 player and an external hardrive. I needed to put a file that was larger than 4 gigs on my iPod so I can transfer it to another computer, only the FAT32 format doesn't allow files over 4 gigs. So I tried reformatting it to NTFS but it was taking too long, so I...
  5. ZeptOr

    Contact Form

    I want to have a contact form for my website with the following fields: A name textfield A email textfield A message textbox and 4 radio buttons Then I want to have a button that would send the information in the above to my email address. I have no knowledge of coding outside of html and...
  6. ZeptOr

    Thickbox - movies

    Does anyone here have experience using Thickbox? I am having some trouble with it. I want .swf files to be viewable in Thickbox, but I'm not sure if you need to add any extra code, because the examples on the Thickbox website don't include a video example.
  7. ZeptOr

    Its been awhile

    Yup.. its been a good year almost since ive been on these forums or done anything with web design. Hopefully i can get back into it and finish my website. That'd be nice.
  8. ZeptOr

    New Splash and Video Page

    So it has been almost exactly one year since I touched my incomplete personal website. I decided that I was going to finish it these next 2.5 weeks since im off from school. I decided to design a simple new splash page located here: And then I started thinking of...
  9. ZeptOr

    A new idea, a new web design

    I've been messing around with this design lately, and I think that it is finally starting to turn out nicely. What do you guys think? Note: the "ducktape" font in the header was just some messing around with the pen tool in photoshop... I plan on...
  10. ZeptOr

    3ds Max question

    First off, does anyone here know anything about 3ds Max 8? I have had the program for awhile now and up until this point, I have never used it. What I want to know is how do you import a picture into a project? I am trying to make a beach scene and I want a cloud background. I have a jpeg...
  11. ZeptOr

    working on a new blog template

    My blog is going to be about running, so my template reflects that. It is still under developmen so I would like to hear your opinions:
  12. ZeptOr

    Good Music Editor?

    I am looking for a good, free or very cheap music editor. I want to get 5-7 different songs and combine them into one song with nice transitions and simple effects. I tried After Effects because I already have it but whenever I render the final mp3, it turns out a bit jumpy. So, any recommendations?
  13. ZeptOr

    Vanilla Ice Wig??

    Hey, I am looking for a place to buy a wige/mask/hair resembling that of vanilla ice.. the white rapper. Here's some pictures of his hair: I need it for a skit for my school by march 24th, so if anyone can find me a website that sells something that I could use for his hair, then I will...
  14. ZeptOr

    Some help on coding for a contact form

    I have two problems/questions regarding a contact form I am making using HTML and CSS 1) I have an image for the submit button, and when it is clicked it just opens up Outlook Express, ingoring the different inputs that I have. I want it to send the information gathered from a user from my...
  15. ZeptOr

    Putting a movie on your website

    For my website, I want to put the short animations I made using After Effects. They are between 5-15 seconds, and they are in quicktime (although I can change that) My question is this.. whats the best way to upload them? I mean, some of them are 10k, while others are 65k. How do I get that 65k...
  16. ZeptOr

    the Best Image displayer

    I have been searching for the best way to display a series of images for my website, and I have come across a couple of nifty sites. They are all cool, but I want your help on desiding which looks nicer, which has the slowest loading time, etc. GreyBox -
  17. ZeptOr

    border padding problem

    On a specific page of my website, I have a couple of thumbnails pictures that I want a padded border around. My CSS seems to work fine in Firefox, but not in IE. The URL is here: My CSS that i used to put the padded border is this: img.frame {...
  18. ZeptOr

    a small problem

    for some reason, in IE (but not in Firefox), when I sometimes use niftycorners, which is a way to get rounded corners without images, the table covers up my text for example, go here: right below "Welcome", there should be a paragraph of text, but...
  19. ZeptOr

    Picture display?

    What would be a good way to display a bunch of pictures? I could just have a bunch of thumbnails that link to a larger image, but I'm thinking that I could do better. Any suggestions?
  20. ZeptOr

    I cant access my website

    i am getting annoyed, its been like this for the last 2 days