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  1. Zdroyd

    Playing DOS games in vista/XP/Linux like old school.

    My friend and I always play Classic DOS Doom for fun. We have also programmed a lot of fun and funny text DOS games ourself.
  2. Zdroyd

    Thank you x10hosting

    Thanks, I two did not know that all you had to do was log on. (I did not spam though; just responding to a few things, etc..)
  3. Zdroyd

    why do we believe in a religion?

    Religon is our way of explaining things we can not explain. It is also our way of rationalizing the ratical things in life.
  4. Zdroyd

    My Favourite Game

    UT is an extremely good series and is up there with the FPS greats. (Half Life, Halo, Oblivion/Fallout, Quake/Doom, etc...)
  5. Zdroyd

    Can you Believe On this

    It is called Earth, so say hello. Sadly nothing in this world is perfect and poverty is everywhere.
  6. Zdroyd

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I have the LEGAL release candidate of Windows 7, that I got from MSDNAA.
  7. Zdroyd

    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    Making your site the way you dreamed it. We bring your dreams to life. Designing your dreams since <date started>. Our job is to take your ideas and bring them to life. Designing opportunities for your business. -Zdroyd
  8. Zdroyd

    never visit a water park

    I find that it depends on the park. Michigan's Adventure ( is very nice and safe. By the looks of it you are all just going to the wrong places. Also you are supposed to take a shower EVERY time after you swim in public water. (common sense) But I still hope you get well...
  9. Zdroyd

    Vending Machine (Game)

    Ichwar gets a angered look by the people who hate people who do not remember to follow simple things. I insert the US Economy.
  10. Zdroyd

    Will My Site SUCCEED?

    Simply "interview" the people who are planning to use your site and only take the people who actualy will have good Radio Shows, if you take everyone you will get alot of crap hoging your bandwidth. As for legal issues you should be careful, all you need is to be arrested for a free service. LOL
  11. Zdroyd

    Domain Name Still not working...

    I wonder if Rebuilding the site (at will help...
  12. Zdroyd

    Check Out My New Site!

    Nicely done! Very creative and interesting design, well done.
  13. Zdroyd

    100% protected template?

    Sadly, everything can be hacked today, there is nothing you can not find on the internet (or P2P). We will all just have to trust others.
  14. Zdroyd

    Domain Name Still not working...

    Thanks that should work, now I have to wait for it to update. Edit: Hmmm, now it is popping up "This copy of Website Builder is licensed for another domain!" What do I do to fix this? Thanks...
  15. Zdroyd

    Domain Name Still not working...

    I created a Co.CC domain ( and followed the tutorial in on this forum to assign it to my site, but it is not working. I followed all instructions including setting up the "" on my account panel and assigning "zdroyd.x10hosting" as the NS1 on website. I also...
  16. Zdroyd

    Anyone like Pokemon anymore?

    The series was destroyed after they released Ruby and Sapphire, the games do not have the feel that they did in Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver.
  17. Zdroyd

    What is up with the service? It keeps on going offline and online?

    I wonder if this has to do with the Sitebuilder not being able to upload the data... All I get is: Error when copying "tiny_mce/plugins/advhr/langs/nl_dlg.js" Error when copying "tiny_mce/plugins/advhr/langs/ar_dlg.js" Error when copying "tiny_mce/plugins/advhr/langs/fi_dlg.js" etc... it...
  18. Zdroyd

    Halo Wars!

    Yes Halo 3 would be AWSOME for the PC. But there are many problems that Microsoft will have to consider; including graphics, and piracy.
  19. Zdroyd

    Halo Wars!

    Agreed, Microsoft really needs to port it to the PC.
  20. Zdroyd

    Secure Text - Copy Proof Text

    Thank you for all the good points and suggestions. I think I am just going to have to depend on the decency of the Human Race, and maybe place a "Copyright of Zdroyd's Creations" at the bottom of each chapter... Thanks anyways.