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  1. dienin

    Hey Guys

    welcome fellow x10er :P
  2. dienin

    Free advertising space

    the link you gave doesn't work
  3. dienin

    The Sims 3!

    I want this game. but a little expensive to buy. ugh
  4. dienin

    Graphics designers read this!

    are you willing to pay? my portfolio is pm me if youre interested
  5. dienin

    <b> WOW! The best Social Networking Site

    meh. why is friendster not here? well, i pick facebook. :] i love petsociety and resto city. lol.
  6. dienin

    Hello, can you please review ? the design. the website was just made today. hope you understand. XD
  7. dienin

    Please review my portfolio site

    too much texture i think? the falling leaves are adorable. :3
  8. dienin

    Need Advice

    blue are much better paired with black than yellow. xD
  9. dienin

    Car Site: Pls take time to look & review

    too bright for the eyes. [yes change the background.] The color of the titles are too bright for it to be clearly seen. [ because the bg is white-ish gray.] anyways. nice site.^^