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  1. theislandcrew

    Switching to Unix - But some questions first.

    I don't mean to stop you from migrating to Linux. I'm just curious of what exactly caused your virus problems? For the last 5 years, I haven't run into a single malware problem. With that question, I hope you'll find Linux a pleasant experience (as did I). Just a note of advice: use...
  2. theislandcrew

    Problem with Softaculous

    Hi, I tried removing Joomla 1.6 using Softaculous but was twice suspended due to high resources usage. Seems I only have 1 warning allowance left just for using host-provided software to remove something. I'm uncertain if I'm meant to uninstall Joomla manually. If anyone can help me with this...
  3. theislandcrew

    Windows or Linux?

    My laptop is for productive work so Windows alone is all I need. I dual boot Windows and PCLOS on desktop, though. :P
  4. theislandcrew

    What smartphone do you have?

    You may want to include Windows Phone (which is not Windows Mobile) in the poll. :P
  5. theislandcrew

    Should I get Windows 8?

    But Win 8, as stated, will be just as demanding as or even lighter than Win 7 in terms of system specs requirement. Why should he/she upgrade to the latest i7 to run Windows 8 while the Core 2 Duo equivalent is already sufficient?
  6. theislandcrew

    Windows or Linux?

    I love playing with Linux but I'm stuck on Windows because of two things: - Microsoft Office which LibreOffice is not yet fully compatible with. MS Office is almost a must for my study and work. - Games which have no Linux versions. And the third: - My laptop came with genuine Windows 7. I do...
  7. theislandcrew

    What program you use to organize your musics?

    foobar2000. I could use Zune but it uses 10 times as much memory as foobar2000. I mean, I just want something to play music in the background. 13K memory with foobar looks like a sweet deal. :)
  8. theislandcrew

    Calling all users on the "Starka" server

    Hopefully the devs will figure this out soon. The connection to my forum is pretty unstable.
  9. theislandcrew

    Firefox 4 is released!

    Firefox 4 is faster than Firefox 3.6 due to the addition of an improved JS engine and hardware acceleration support. In this release, Mozilla did not prioritise speed but stability and compatibility and new technologies seen in Internet Explorer 9. Their release cycle has also been fed steroid...
  10. theislandcrew

    Calling all users on the "Starka" server

    As of 8:24pm AEST, my forum appears to be back to normal.
  11. theislandcrew reputation: a problem

    Thanks for the conversation by the way. I noticed that shows that the owner comment is blank. I'm unsure if I should trouble the admin to leave a comment there and see if anything will change. I'll consider your suggestions. Either of them seems to be...
  12. theislandcrew

    Hi everyone

    G'day and thank you for the welcome. :)
  13. theislandcrew reputation: a problem

    Ah, I see. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I don't use their products but many others do and that seriously affects the traffic and userbase of my forum. For instance, my cousin in the USA refused to enter the forum because of the warning from her TrendMicro suite. It's not a trivial matter.
  14. theislandcrew reputation: a problem

    @MeastroFX1: By "avoid using them", you mean the free x10 domains, right? @Livewire: Thanks for the response. At least I know x10hosting has acted. I submitted a request for rating review also. Haven't got a reply since.
  15. theislandcrew reputation: a problem

    I usually rely on Web of Trust (WoT) for my surfing habit. The domain came up clean in their reputation database. However, the domain has been blacklisted by at least a few well-known web safety product providers including McAfee and TrendMicro. Users of their security software...
  16. theislandcrew

    Hi everyone

    I and a few other friends decided to create a forum and stumbled on this great site. Hello to you from Australia. :)
  17. theislandcrew

    Problem............... Help!!

    I think you posted in the wrong section. :) Please refer to this thread:
  18. theislandcrew

    Kinda false advertising

    One shouldn't rush to register just by looking at an ad. When you sign up, you have entered a contract which binds you to all the terms within it. This means that it's your responsibility to investigate the details before committing yourself to the registration. In this case, the page in...
  19. theislandcrew

    A Few suggestions

    I believe the illuminated or premium plan offers all of what you require. :)
  20. theislandcrew

    A suggestion

    I'm aware that x10hosting has two more powerful and non-free hosting plans. The free hosting plan as it is, is fantastic. However, I think it's better to bring back the advertisements (Google text ads or banner ads), even if they're optional. In essence, if a webmaster would like to place ads...