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  1. noumank

    Browser reviews!

    Firefox. Currently using IE8 Beta 2 to try it out and it ain't bad. I like some of the stuff it packs within. Then again, I don't ask much from my browser. My Firefox installation has always consisted of little more than Adblock Plus and a few Greasemonkey scripts for some custom formatting (in...
  2. noumank

    Top 10 movies one must watch

    1. Pulp Fiction 2. Fight Club 3. 21 Grams 4. Good Will Hunting 5. Goodfellas 6. City of God (Cidade De Deus) 7. Trainspotting 8. American Beauty 9. Saving Private Ryan 10. Terminator 2: Judgment Day Some movies that come to mind (all of them reflecting my young age, I suppose) :)
  3. noumank

    Top 5 website one must visit regularly ?

    Anandtech Forums (and of course, the main site) And of course, that imageboard that one doesn't speak of.
  4. noumank

    I feel real bad making this thread

    Deep down, you all know I'm only doing this to get my account out of 'suspended due to inactivity' mode. :(
  5. noumank

    Hey everybody

    zOMG, I can't believe I'm here!