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  1. phclausx

    Createch London Creative Agency

    Doesn't do on my end with spoogle either. Perhaps a windoze thing of sorts; I'm on Debian, never mind. Not sure if you've ever read through the specs, but there's certainly nothing wrong with neither the validators, nor the standards the check against. Regarding browsers: They've always been...
  2. phclausx

    Createch London Creative Agency

    No offense, but that's completely ridiculous. It only shows your apparent lack of standards conformity; and the reference to a three year old style sheet double-underlines that. Just out of curiosity, which browser did you use to try the thing? Not doing anything in FFX 42.
  3. phclausx

    Getting 403 Forbidden Error

    Pardon me if I'm a tad slow today, but it is the x10 shared IP's being black-listed, contrary to what you are saying the user's IP being black-listed on the x10 host -- which is a valid option nonetheless. I'm well aware of the possibility to forge http headers to ones likes, albeit I tend to...
  4. phclausx

    Getting 403 Forbidden Error

    @bdistler: Since when is a servers http return code dependent on a user's IP? -- unless you have either that particular IP or a complete pool banned via GEO. Care for some fun? Visit -- while it's there. It's an empty folder, and because of that -- and my config...
  5. phclausx

    403 Forbidden Error when I try to access my website

    @bdistler: That's a funny macro you've got there about checking IP's ;) However, my own IP has little to do with a server returning a 403. That only hints at a missing default index and also a missing default 404. I've read through some other related posts and that brought me to run a test...
  6. phclausx

    Getting 403 Forbidden Error

    IP appears to be black-listed by CBL and Spamhaus. There is next to nothing you can do on your end. A site I have on x10hosting uses and that is black-listed on CBL, Spamhaus, plus BARACUDA. Hm, any admin care to explain? I don't quite fancy the idea having one of my...
  7. phclausx

    "403 Forbidden error" for my site

    Loads fine on my end. If your IP is green, you may want to add a default index to your .htaccess just in case.
  8. phclausx

    How to fix Varnish 503 error

    After moving one of my sites over here a few days ago, I noticed that dreadful guru meditation thing while doing some post-testing. All was 200, except for the search interface. Long story short, I solved the issue by adding a 1024 lorem ipsum comment to artificially bloat the file size from 470...
  9. phclausx

    Createch London Creative Agency

    Glad to do just that, in particular for those calling London home ;) AC level 2 AA is green indeed, save for some 100+ manual tests. Personally, I go after Level 2 AAA though. With HTML and CSS validation enabled, it returns 2 HTML errors and (!!!) 730 CSS issues. Those numbers are verified by...
  10. phclausx

    My personal site

    Excuse me, it must have slipped my attention that making a simply comment would fall under /ranting/ You may want to have a look at or if you prefer at...
  11. phclausx

    could some admin please add my eu-org domain

    Most splendid! If you could just confirm /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAINNAME as the docroot to patch the sources, thank you.
  12. phclausx


    Fancy, fancy... Host not found... Barely two months in the making and already nirvana... Alpha Bravo
  13. phclausx

    My personal site

    How is it possible for so little content to still not pass validation? Leaving that aside, I'm a fan of clean-cut appearance. You should probably give it some visual emphasis though. The way it looks right now bears a striking resemblance to what is commonly referred to as a text-desert...
  14. phclausx

    Review Site- True Stockhouse

    I guess I am a dinosaur, but it would seem nobody cares about valid sources any more? Whichever sites I take a look at, the first thing is to throw 'em at the validator, and -- off course -- this site is no exception from utterly failing to validate. The only link I tried was the most prominent...
  15. phclausx

    Review My Sites

    Consider starting a different thread per issue ;) #1 looks and loads nicely. A shame though, it fails validation, and as such is off limits for my own taste #2 seems to redirect to #1, albeit landing page is a stock WP blog. fails validation #3 for my personal likes, designs like that are...
  16. phclausx

    Createch London Creative Agency

    Hi, loads ok and looks crisp at first glance. Plenty of gimmicks. However, I'm a validation junkie, and since the site fails miserably I'd have my doubts how valid any client sources may be. In addition, you may want to add a proper favicon rather then the stock Joomla thingie.
  17. phclausx

    omnibus ex nihilo ducendis sufficit unum

    omnibus ex nihilo ducendis sufficit unum
  18. phclausx

    could some admin please add my eu-org domain

    Awesome! Nothing eyes-only on the site;) Domain is Looking forward to your next reply, thanks a lot.
  19. phclausx

    could some admin please add my eu-org domain

    Hello, and welcome. First post, and already making requests ;) Thing is, I've been searching the boards and it would seem there's a Catch 22 related with domains. X10 wants the DNS first, and in return DNS wants the hosting first. Someone mentioned the procedure requires an admin to...