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  1. Nothingness

    Sliding Ads

    I think that did the trick! Thanks so much!
  2. Nothingness

    Sliding Ads

    Thanks for the reply, but that code is more for image files. I'm using Google Adsense so it is a block of its own code. Also, I cant exactly give an top/right position if the width is going to vary with each viewers screen size. Spare .orgs? they are cheap. Same price as an .com
  3. Nothingness

    Sliding Ads

    So I have some verticle ads that I want to slide as you scroll down. I need them to stay in the same position no matter what verticle position you are viewing. I cant seem to think of a term to google search to get code. Any help? Site i'm working on is if you go there, u...
  4. Nothingness

    Access to 40+ PHP clones and scripts! 500 points

    If Delon said that its not a scam, I'll buy. These would be great to have.
  5. Nothingness

    Need site name

    THE PAPER TRAIL or just PAPER TRAIL :) and have little balls of paper for logo or PAPER MILL
  6. Nothingness

    dolphin template

    Wow, Boonex Dolphin is some good stuff. Looked Everywhere, there are a couple site out there for templates, but some are expensive.
  7. Nothingness

    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    Wouldn't that require alot of subdomains, like ALOT, and we dont have an unlimited amount, love you x10hosting tho!
  8. Nothingness

    Free hosting? How can I say no

    So hey there! I love the concept of free hosting, infact I really love it. Now I can finally park my domain somewhere ever since my last hosting server. My website is, but I am using for the subdomain location. So far, all of the services provided...
  9. Nothingness

    Reveiw Please

    This is my first time trying out Joomla, but I've been in the web game for a while. I just have the main template idea up. Lookin for some constructive critisism to help me make things better. Thanks!:drool: OOPS SRY... or