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  1. Bonekhan

    NBA or NFL?

    NBA or NFL? 36 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 19 have been accused of writing bad checks 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71,repeat, 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 14 have been...
  2. Bonekhan


    Well, I needed to re-register. After getting through the registration process yesterday, it said my IP address had already registered that day. So, I used a proxy to try and register, and never got an email. Decided to try and login today, but my login details don't work. So, I tried to...
  3. Bonekhan

    What happened?

    After a long time of not being here, I come back to find my account taken down. My cousin--me and him were working on something on my website--told me that he would be using it (that in itself might be the problem). Now I come back, and I can't even log into CPanel. Whats more, there is not even...
  4. Bonekhan

    Digital art.

    All my digital art (not sketches; those are reserved for friends, because I have no scanner) is posted here. Thought I might post it here, though as I am doing it I have no idea why. Makes you think.
  5. Bonekhan

    Favorite Software

    I'm curious to know some software that you use everyday (or frequently). Free, commercial, shareware, I'd like to know. Personally, I use Photoshop, URLBase 6, NVU, Opera, and FlashFXP every day (for photo manipulation, link storing, web editing, web browsing, and ftp respectivly). I'm...
  6. Bonekhan

    'Nother Logo

    New approach.
  7. Bonekhan

    Help with MySQL

    I need to do this, from a readme file of one of the scripts: How would I do this? Do I need to use phpMyAdmin, and what should I do once I'm there? How do I run a SQL file in phpMyAdmin? __.Thanks.--\__.<?--
  8. Bonekhan

    Vertical Ads

    Err... Please? Text ads aren't that big of a problem, but the option to make the Corporate ads vertical would be great as they look... absolutely deplorable on my website :( In short, I'm either forced to put them at the footer, the only place they look half-way decent, or break the layout...
  9. Bonekhan

    Fantastico Disabled?

    For some reason, I try to go to my Fantastico control panel and it says Fantastico Disabled... Is there any way/reason why it is disabled? :(
  10. Bonekhan


    Frankly, I'm sick of the lack of attention Opera is getting! Why does this happen? I understand why Internet Explorer is popular--it comes packaged with just about every computer made with no pop-up blocker and hacking vulnerabilities. Firefox is popular too, with its buggy plugins, horrible...
  11. Bonekhan

    Fresh Design Template

    What do you guys think? Yes... I went a BIT overboard, but I want an honest opinion. Please and thank you.
  12. Bonekhan

    Noobie Questions

    1) What is the x10 RPG? 2) What is the "Your Bypass Codes" link in the account.php page? 3) Do you get the same number of points for each post, regardless of legnth, or does legnth count?
  13. Bonekhan

    Graphic Jobs

    I am currently offering my services as a graphic/web designer to the people here at x10hosting. This seems like the appropriate forum to put this in, but I'm sorry if it isn't--I'm kind of new here. Anyways, here are some price ranges, since I believe that points are tradable on this forum...
  14. Bonekhan


    Hi, I'm a web designer and graphic artist. I can do requests/commissions for XCash... err, yeah. I love this service. :D
  15. Bonekhan

    Ads Help

    Sorry, but I couldn't figure out if I need to put the ads on ALL pages of my website, or the first/homepage of my website. Also, my website is under development and lots of stuff--including the home page--isn't up or accessible yet. Will I be penalized if I cannot put the ads up yet? Thanks.
  16. Bonekhan


    Here is my newely designed logo for my blog: This will be the "enter" page of my website, and I'm thinking of placing a preloader below. I'm working on a simplified version to use throughout the rest of the website, since this is obviously enormous. Is there anything I could do better...
  17. Bonekhan

    FTP Not Working

    I dunno why--I checked all of the passwords and usernames, I'm connecting to the right server, and it was working yesterday with the same client on the same computer. It connects, and then disconnects immediatly. Any help? :(