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  1. Oni

    .BE Domains

    Ok remember when they were giving these domains out for free? well I got and now I want it removed and stuff, I tried to at but still nothin or can I just leave the domain as it is and whenever it passes its expirey date, it'll just be deleted with no charge?
  2. Oni

    Need Help!!!

    Ok my computer won't work anymore and I need some help on what to do.. When I started it up, it starts normal then it takes me to this black screen. ----------------------- Gives me this options in order Safe Mode Safe Mode With Networking Safe Mode With Command Prompt Last Known...
  3. Oni

    I'm VIP!

    I'm on the business server (soon to be) & VIP on x10! This is great! Very worth it!!! :bigok:
  4. Oni

    Down (Again)

    Server is down again...
  5. Oni

    Site Down down again.. is corey back yet?!
  6. Oni


    When does he get back anyways?! Cause I finally got the money in my paypal and I want to pay to get on the buisiness server! Can he still give it to me for $25 per year?! Even though the deadline has passed?!
  7. Oni

    MYSQL Down please fix it [2] mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) (Line: 132 of /ips_kernel/class_db_mysql.php)
  8. Oni


    Ok I registered for Paypal a few days ago. I just got the verification amounts from my bank to verify my account! Now I went there and transfered $25 into it. (For the advanced plan yearly payment) Now it says Processing and I did it yesterday and still processing!? How much longer will...
  9. Oni


    Is it legal to download music off cause this awesome song Fort Minor - Remember The Name is on there for free download... Link this legal?!
  10. Oni

    Robert Pires

    It really suks, but here is Robert Pires I didn't put any text, cause it'd look even worse, the main render ruins the pic I know. I forgot to put a border and I'm not going back to fix it lol, I'm done with this.. But the background is alright.
  11. Oni

    IPS Driver Error?!

    Go here and look at the error? Can anyone help me with this? My Forums were fine earlier...
  12. Oni

    Mexico's Frienlies Before WC

    Mexico's Friendlies Before WC Mexico's Friendlies Before The World Cup 2006! Mexico vs. Norway Oakland, USA - January 25, 2006 Mexico vs. Korea Republic Los Angeles, USA - February 15, 2006 Mexico vs. Ghana Dallas, USA - March 1, 2006 Mexico vs. Paraguay Mexico City...
  13. Oni

    Beasley Sig!

    Beasly Sig! well what do you think?
  14. Oni

    Need Database Installed!

    Can someone please install a mysql backup to this directory. We're getting an error everytime and it's not uploading right. Download Link (Backup) Install it to a new database or to...
  15. Oni

    Ipb Error!

    Go here and see the error.. what is the problem, it was fine just this morning...
  16. Oni

    Posts Deleted?

    On my forum, alot of our posts are being deleted. Some are all deleted, while on others only like 3 posts including the 1st post. What's going on?? It's not my board or anything.....could it be the host? ------------------------------------ NOW THIS ERROR...
  17. Oni

    Site Down?

    Just wondering why it's down. Was working fine yesterday.
  18. Oni

    Adriano Sig

    Ok I've made another sig today after some tips from some people on how to do stuff. I still coudn't blend like the club logo with the background very well and I don't care about the text at this point. So here it is, any feedback would be great! What do you think? I know the...
  19. Oni

    Van Persie Sig!

    Robin Van Persie I think this may be my best sig yet!?! But I'm not sure! What do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  20. Oni

    Vote For Points!!

    Ok a member on my site registered at this Graphic Contest at another forum and if he wins he can get us a Domain Name & a Full IPB License! I will give 5-10 Points To Anyone Who Does This!! I know it's not much, but it doesn't take long to do either!! So plz help me! Either way we'll get...