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    How long to make a web form

    I'm making a web form with 12 fields, PHP validation and styling with CSS. But its taking me like half the day to do. Is this normal?:dunno:
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    MySQL vs PostgreSQL

    I was looking at PostgreSQL just for the hell of using and learning to use it. It does not seem to be such a huge switch from mySOL to PostgreSQL. But the 1 problem and onlymproblem I had was,..... no web host I used supported PostgreSQL. and thanks for the documentation, i did read it.
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    Places to learn php

    I learned a lot from: I have even payed for some of his videos like: Photo Voting Website From Scratch...i mean $15 how can you go wrong
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    page refreshes on logout

    Why are you doing so much? why don't you use jQuery? I'm pretty sure you will get a logout with out a refresh. The reason I say to use jQuery is less code results in less trouble shooting.
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    Parse error: syntax error (PHP)

    <?php mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); mysql_select_db("cdcol"); $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM cds") while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo $row["titel"]; } ?> Can some one tell me why am I getting this error? "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected...
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    Flash Programming

    en...well yes you can. You will have to wright it in the Flex,(the open version). AS3 is wraped in the Flex programing language and is all free and Open Source Link here:;jsessionid=CB6E2332BBEA512D086BE765B40D3B02 The problem is all the...
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    Does Obama Want to Bring Back Slavery?

    Before you even go all out there. What do you think he is going to have you do work the cotton field? I doubt that very much. In Israel(not sure if its current) you must take part in the military that's a lot of experience I would think. If any thing Obamas plan would teach kids about that evil...
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    Mentioning Torrent Sites is not advised. Any how, I just hit up youtube for tutorials, some times you find better stuff there then you would find on the training CD's. Dreamwaever has displayed CSS right for years. Also I just use it to start a site. After that I hand code mostly. HTML kit is...
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    Corel or Photoshop

    I did not vote on this one. I use PhotoShop but I have seen a lot of good work coming out of Corel. The people who use Corel keep tallking me the work flow is easyer to them. I would have to sa go with whats better for you. Wear the glove that fits you best.
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    flash on flash

    learn how to animate in move clips then you can have different animation on different layers on on top the other.
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    activating flash outside of flash

    Yes it can be done. Here is a link to a tutorial.
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    Interesting "CMS" Not Mentioned

    Very cool! But, the problem with CMS's like this is the support. When you run into a problem there is not a large enuff community to ask for help. Its better to stick with well supported programs. But hey if you like getting stuck at 3 in the morning wanting to know why your page wont show up...
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    Slicing in Photoshop Elements 6

    no its not possible in Elements or Nvu. you can use GIMP. And here is a gimp tutorial
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    About web caching

    you would have to stream the audio, or make the audio into a swf and load it into a level. After the audio is finishing playing you can then have it unload the level/swf. (you can load different .swf's into levels) the audio only stays on the hard drive for the play time. google flash levels or...
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    working with backgrounds on web

    just google photoshop tutorials. there is nothing really to making a back ground. just try to make some nice textures and you will figure it out from there.
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    Textmate vs Dreamweaver

    Let me simplify this thread. When he says "hardcore coding" he means stuff like java, PHP, SQL, and so on. I found my work flow much to be like this, I would use dreamweaver to get the site started, images and layout. Then when i have to tweek my code i would launch notepad to fix the back end...
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    please tell me the flash tuotrial sites

    12 Websites To Help You Learn Flash/ActionScript:
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    A Flash-making program

    oh my that makes you so cool
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    still getting suspended

    I have been posting on the forums like every day and i still get suspended any reason?