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  1. blitzkrieg

    Website problem on Chopin

    I just tried once again and I still have the problem.
  2. blitzkrieg

    Website problem on Chopin As you can see it says "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.". My account is located on Chopin and should all be transfered by now. All my files are there when I look from the cpanel but I still get that little...
  3. blitzkrieg

    Office 2010 for Students

    I tried both Office and OpenOffice and I must say that for a lot of people OO is enough but if you get further in the Office suite (or only for OneNote) you'll find out some functions in Office that isn't in the freeware counterpart. So just listen to your needs, but I use Office. ;P
  4. blitzkrieg

    How to install wordpress on here

    You can also auto-install wordpress with Fantastico. In your Cpanel, go down until you see the "Fantastico de Luxe" icon and click on it. Next choose "Wordpress" in the left menu and click on "New Installation". You might not get the most up to date version (or maybe yes I'm not sure) but it's...
  5. blitzkrieg

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I've lately fallen in love with Microsoft Security Essentials.. Very light on ressources and does an awesome job if you use common sense. Lifehacker have been talking about it for some time now and a lot of other websites too. Yeah it's made by microsoft but it looks like they made a good job...
  6. blitzkrieg

    Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to database

    hmm this new ticket thing is weird... how do I close my ticket now? :P
  7. blitzkrieg

    Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to database

    Thanks a lot for your help, it looks like my db_user was completly removed for some weird reason I don't understand.:wink:
  8. blitzkrieg

    Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to database

    Hello, I get the message "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to database" when I try to load my website ( and I was wondering if you did or changed anything recently that could have caused that. I have been away for some time...
  9. blitzkrieg

    !!!***Read this if you have missing files!!!***!!!

    Thanks a lot for this, it means less headaches for me :)
  10. blitzkrieg

    It's Corey's Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work and have fun.
  11. blitzkrieg

    Looking for some help.

    Hi to all of you, I want to create a new website that would be used to work on a project, and would be accessed from multiple people. And I really don't know where to look. I've been using Joomla for some time now with my website and I guess there are probably modules for what I want but I...
  12. blitzkrieg

    Ideal video game?

    I'd mix a RPG game like dungeon siege with a RTS.. but not really how its done sometimes (RTS with some RPG elements, I'd like it the other way).
  13. blitzkrieg

    x10Newsletter - What do you want?

    Tutorials would really be fun for me. I need to learn new stuff for my website ;) Other options are good too.
  14. blitzkrieg

    Half life 1-2 + Futures

    Half Life 1 was very good in his time, well graphic vs computer needed.. Half Life 2 was even better on that side. I remember when it first came out, I was playing on an old computer and even at lowest settings it was still good looking. And a good physic engine was awesome too. So about the...
  15. blitzkrieg

    Anybody play Combat Arms?

    This looks like a nice game, thx for letting us know what it is.. I'll probably look into it when I have some time.
  16. blitzkrieg

    Latest Updates

    Thanks to all x10, you're always been a great host and I hope you'll be even better for 2009. Thanks to Corey and all the x10 team.
  17. blitzkrieg

    Want to join the x10 team? Read!

    That would be fun, but I don't have that much free time atm so I guess I'll pass. ^^ Good luck to anyone who apply.
  18. blitzkrieg

    Favorite Bond Movie

    I just finished listening to the complete James Bond collection (only Quantum of Solace missing) and I'd say my favourite ones must be Dr.No and The man with the golden gun.
  19. blitzkrieg

    Is x10 hosting good ?

    Of all the hosts I tried, x10hosting is the best free host... I hope it is enough to convince you.
  20. blitzkrieg

    Stoli Transfer

    wow.. this is bad.. and those walls are meant to resist some stuff. So what to remember is that C4 shouldn't be used in the electric room, do it outside. =P