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  1. abouharga

    Website Temporarily Blocked

    yesterday when i try to open my website it show me this message i try to check it but until now i still get the same message Website Temporarily Disabled The website has been temporarily disabled due to excessive resource usage. Please try your request again shortly.
  2. abouharga problem!

    Still ........... No answer :confused: :confused:
  3. abouharga problem!

    Me too i can't signup Beta Accounts Remaining -793 Beta signups are currently open 6793. Signup for an account now! i don't know what is the problem with the site
  4. abouharga

    I have problem with flash player

    Still now i get the same error and no one replay for me what is the problem with my site ???
  5. abouharga

    I have problem with flash player

    Hello 3 weeks ago when i try to open my site it is not load the flash player i think there is a problem with my site so i uploaded it again but i still have the same problem 2 days ago when i check my site still the same problem with the flash but there is a small flash in the header it is...
  6. abouharga

    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    Me Too i downloaded it i like the new tasks u can check this site for Windows 8 Developer
  7. abouharga

    Hello everyone

    welcome to the Best Hosting i like x10hosting
  8. abouharga

    is x10hosting a free hosting for ever??

    x10hosting is the Best Hosts and technical support is always very good i like x10hosting
  9. abouharga

    cant open some sites

    i think this site may be block from the router try to open your router for example ( ) check your geteway and take this number and open it in the browser after that check the filter maybe it is block if you found it make delete and try to open the site again if u still have the...
  10. abouharga

    How to disable administrative shares in Windows 7?

    you can try this Right click on my computer and choose manage from the left side choose Shared Folders under this choose shared in the right u will find all shared drive right click on c drive and choose stop sharing i think this will help u
  11. abouharga

    Chopin Reboot

    Thanks Hellsheep am waiting the server to be live again
  12. abouharga

    firefox 4 more like chrome

    yes i agree with you but Firfox 4 better than any other browser try to use firefox 4
  13. abouharga

    Old School Web Design

    thank for sharing
  14. abouharga

    My account was suspended

    thanks for your replay now i can open the ftp and login to the control panel and my site is working now thank you very much
  15. abouharga

    My account was suspended

    After greeting , My account has been suspended and when i open the Control Panel it was suspended because I did not enter the Forum once monthly, after that i enter the Forum and participate in it and then return to make the activation of my account from the control panel but unsuccessfully...
  16. abouharga

    Wireless PCI Card vs USB

    i have usb wireless and i use windows 7 i think usb is better than pci cardfor this reason 1- if u have usb wireless connect it and wait for a moment windows 7 automatically will search for the driver for u after it finish u can connect to your wireless 2-it fast than pci card 3- it easy to...
  17. abouharga

    firefox 4 more like chrome

    i use it in my computer it looks like opera but it very fast
  18. abouharga

    Best Webhosting

    ya man i newer here but i like x10hosting this is the best hosting :wink::wink: