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  1. pazis.x77

    Free VPS Trial

    The best trial, is to have all premium features for a limited time. Then, anyone can find out what he/she would get exactly.
  2. pazis.x77 clone

    Thanks! Nice Script.
  3. pazis.x77

    Help with Bliki (MediaWiki)

    Hi. I have a .xml file which contains MediaWiki. I want to use it with Bliki engine. I don't know where to start. Can anyone help me!?
  4. pazis.x77 clone

    Where is the download link!?
  5. pazis.x77

    High Security

    I don't think so!
  6. pazis.x77

    High Security

    High Security
  7. pazis.x77 Suspension

    Hey. Come On! There was no child porn in my site. All were dressed. Selling pictures is not prohibited! I read your TOS and AUP. Nothing about this was mentioned there. And How did you get that : *your site came up on a child porn site on google. Explain, or be permanently suspended...
  8. pazis.x77

    Review My NUKED

    Hi. I designed NUKED! Do you see any problems !?
  9. pazis.x77

    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their Noses and OPEN
  10. pazis.x77

    The Ctrl+V game This was in my Clipboard...
  11. pazis.x77

    Text link exchange for PR 2

    I exchange link with my blog :
  12. pazis.x77

    suggestion Java IDE (Linux)

    I prefer Eclipse myself. It's easy-to-use and free.
  13. pazis.x77

    Java SE Offline Help!

    Hi all. I've gathered all Java SE help from java.sun and put it together (compressed 7 times) in 2 archive files for easy download and use... part 1 : filefactory link , depositfiles link , rapidshare link part 2 : filefactory link , depositfiles link , rapidshare link
  14. pazis.x77

    What's between his hands !?

    Yes! That's correct. Excellent guess you made... :redface:
  15. pazis.x77

    What's between his hands !?

    I took this picture about 3 years ago. Anyone could guess what's between his hands? Image link :
  16. pazis.x77


    Hello all. Well. I am new here. waiting for my hosting request to be accepted! WOW! It sounds amazing.