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  1. Veivei

    Bring Traffic to your site/forum. How you do it?

    I want to know tips & tricks how to get more traffic to a website/forum/blog since I'm currently new beginner learn about SEO. If anyone wanna share please post here. Also link to SEO tutorials websites would be great. Thanks for the help. =)
  2. Veivei

    Help, some Joomla components & mods aren't working.

    I installed my second Joomla CMS here, same version like the first Joomla that I use before. The problem is that some of components & modules that was work fine on the first installation not worked on the second. I did upgrade the PHP version on my account, so if there's anything is wrong I'm...
  3. Veivei

    Another problem on the site

    I'm starting to create my second website here using Joomla. But i got an error after installing Joomla Explorer component. The same component i use was work fine on my first website. Also most of components that is worked on the first site which I really need aren't working on the second...
  4. Veivei

    Educating games for children

    Any suggestion about educating games for children between 6 to 10 years old?
  5. Veivei

    Gundam Photomanipulation

    I made this about a year ago, already submitted on DeviantArt [link]. Was playing around with masking and default Photoshop chrome filter to get the chrome effects and few energy field effects, then add some shiny effect using Photoshop default brushes. Original image: Final result...
  6. Veivei

    Blank page on my site

    I got a blank page on my site:, but I can still access my Joomla admin area. Dunno what happen coz yesterday everything was fine. Any idea what happen ?
  7. Veivei

    Random Facts That Will Have You Rolling...

    Random Facts That Will Have You Rolling :biggrin: If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of...
  8. Veivei

    Showcase your designs & artworks on my site.

    Finally my site is up and running since September 9, 2007, thanks again to X10 that provide me the best hosting service I ever had. I'm using Joomla CMS for this one, some section aren't published yet. Visit here: At first the main concept for the site is only for my online...
  9. Veivei

    Motorcycles, what's your ride?

    For those who loves to ride a bike, what's your bike? Mine is Yamaha Jupiter MX 135cc, modified the bike twice. Here's the pics.. First Mod, still looking so original with small changes: Final Mod, engine & visual modification, it's 150cc now, top speed is about 180Km/h ^^ A friend's...
  10. Veivei

    Another ad placement question

    I've published my site recently and it's performed better since there's some changes made on X10 server, thanks to X10 for the great service and support. [/LIST] I'm on advanced package, and my question: is that ok if I place the text link required only on the "Home"/first page (visibel on the...
  11. Veivei

    Google Adsense, how much your daily earnings?

    I'm doing a small research bout website ads revenue, this time is about Google Adsense. For you that already have an established site(s) and have an Adsense account, how much is your daily earnings? I got less than $0.02. Forum staffs and X10 site owner don't have to answer this :biggrin:, well...
  12. Veivei

    Happy Birthday Angel

    I made this photomanipulation for a birthday present about a week ago to someone really special to me for the last 2 years. Please preview the artwork before I submit it to DevArt, critics are always welcome. Title : Angel Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Words: Me :biggrin:
  13. Veivei

    500 Internal Server Error on my Joomla admin area

    Basicly the Joomla frontend on my site looks fine and got not problem with it, but I can't log in to the backend/administrator area and found this on the page: I'm not sure if it's happen because I was try to change the default CHMOD thru the backend (was 644 default and try to change into 755...
  14. Veivei

    (Req) PHP Safe Mode : OFF

    I would like to know if I can have PHP safe mode off on my site coz I'm installing a new component for my Joomla site that needs PHP safe mode off. The installed component (Exposè Gallery 4) frontend looks fine, but I can't manage my gallery at backend by log in to it's gallery manager using the...
  15. Veivei

    Simple Forum Sig Tutorial (Photoshop)

    This is a tutorial on how to make simple forum signature using any version of Adobe Photoshop, in this tutorial is a dirty-look forum sig, I hope it's useful ;) Hints & Tips : try to improvize to get a better final result. First, launch the Photoshop application of course :biggrin: Start a...
  16. Veivei

    Javascript Problem

    I'm installing a wysiwyg editor mambot (JoomlaFCK editor mambot) for my joomla site coz the default Joomla editor got an error, can't edit html source which I need for inserting any html codes, x10 ads codes, etc. The same goes to the new installed mambot, this time even the whole editor won't...
  17. Veivei

    Design for Web Developers guide (Ebook)

    I've just finish download this Design for Web Developers ebook (free download from, definitely one of website resources that I really need. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Elements of Design Chapter 2: Point, Line, Plane: Foundations of Web Design Communication Chapter 3: Shape...
  18. Veivei

    Free Photoshop Brushes for X10 members only :)

    I'm giving away some of my Photoshop brushes collection just for X10 members. I hope it's useful ;) Photoshop brushes mega pack (filesize 64.86MB), contains: DVD Resource Brushes Comet Brushes abstract fractal brushes Drugs brushes Wings Brushes Cloudy brushes Bird Brushes Cloud Brushes Syn...
  19. Veivei

    X10 History

    I'm just curious, maybe Corey or the other site's admins can answer this, how did you find X10 name for the site's/hosting name? :biggrin: Maybe you want to tell us here a short history of X10 from the beginning til become a big hosting community today.
  20. Veivei

    Free Online Game

    What's your free online game? A text based browser game or a standalone online game software. I play these : CYBOTS Cybots - Welcome Cool futuristic turn-based MMORPG. Buy your bots, gear em up, make a squad, take em patrol outlands for some actions or fight other player's bots. Bots and...