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  1. nol888

    My data

    I don't want to be imposing, but could possibly generate a backup of my data so I can transfer to a temporary host while these server changes are underway? Already, the only real service that is usable is Apache, and that doesn't help with file management of any kind. I believe that cPanel is...
  2. nol888

    Stoli fail

    Stoli's HTTP is down, and although the account panel shows FTP as up, something buggy is going on, and as such, FTP is also assumed to be down. FTP gives me... 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connectionAn account manager, or someone, details? Thanks.
  3. nol888

    Connecting to a remote MySQL server

    When I try to connect to a remote mysql server, I get "Access Denied" error, but I'm sure the login credentials are correct. Is this because all mysql requests are forwarded to the x10 MySQL server?
  4. nol888

    Add IP to firewall

    I wish to use remote MySQL and so can you add the IP to the firewall? Thanks.
  5. nol888

    Stoli weirdness

    The account panel puts Stoli's load at 60. I'm sure this isn't normal. Also, I can't login to my cPanel. It says "Login attempt failed!" My account isn't suspended, and I'm sure the password is correct. Edit: It works now, just INCREDIBLY SLOW.
  6. nol888

    Something screwy with cPanel

    cPanel says that HTTP, FTP, and exim is down, although I could access my site fine. I'm on Stoli btw. And the warning light for /dev/sdb7 (/home) is on. The CPU usage is abnormally high, at around 5. Maybe this isn't really high, it's just I've never seen it that high before.
  7. nol888

    Problem running script

    When I was on cossacks, I was able to run a chat bot for my RO server, now the PHP script suddenly quits after random amounts of time. set_time_limit was used, and output just stops after a while. Why is this? It may seem "whiney" having to ask for support 3 times in one day, sorry. ^^;
  8. nol888


    My site has completely disappeared from HTTP. I can access it fine via FTP, but nothing via HTTP. The cPanel works fine. Accessing my site's index from HTTP nets the generic x10 "Your site is set up" thing. cPanel Username: colferhq Site:
  9. nol888

    Error establishing a socket connection

    Whenever I try to connect to anything on a remote server besides port 80, it always times out. Is this because of the firewall? Or is there an all-around block?
  10. nol888

    Error with socket_connect

    Whenever I try to connect with socket_connect, I get: Warning: socket_connect() [function.socket-connect]: unable to connect [110]: Connection timed out I've tried connecting to the same IP/port with my browser and it doesn't time out. Any help?
  11. nol888

    cPanel Login

    Would there be any way to restore the old way of logging in, through HTTP authentication, not through the web form?
  12. nol888

    Running a bot

    Before I execute my idea, I was wondering if I could run a low-resouce-using PHP bot for a chat. I haven't seen anything against it in the ToS except the resource clause. Just wondering how it settles with you guys. Thanks, Nol888
  13. nol888

    Site not working, FTP works fine

    It's a complicated problem so this may take some time. When I access my main subdomain ( I get a blank page. I'm not supposed to get a blank page. When I access any other subdomain, I get a 500 error. When accessing a subdirectory of the subdomains, I get a blank page as...
  14. nol888

    Account Panel Problem

    The account panel says that my account has been suspended for "No ad\'s", but my account is not suspended. It was not suspended for no ads in the past, so I don't know where this could have came from. cPanel Username: colferhq Account Panel Username: Nol888
  15. nol888

    Joost Invite

    As in SEÑOR's post, I'll be offering 300 points for a Joost invite.
  16. nol888

    A e-mail from IPS

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to put it, but after getting a version of IPB that I thought was finally legal, I get this e-mail from IPS: Can anyone check whether my board is legal, as I remember I had a slight problem with this in the past. Thanks. I downgraded to v2.0, which I...
  17. nol888

    Slow Include/Require

    For some reason, every call to an "Include" or a "Require" takes a very long time, about 20-30 seconds. Why would this be?
  18. nol888

    Error 500

    I get an error 500 every time I try to use a .htaccess file. Why does this happen?
  19. nol888


    Could you turn the php config "short_open_tags" off? At least for my account? I can't seem to change it using "ini_set". When I put "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>" in my page, the php module stupidly thinks it's for php and gives an error. >.<
  20. nol888

    Teeny question

    Is it possible to have two subdomains of the same account. For example: my main site is at and I'm making another sub-site at I'm wondering if I can get a subdomain and still keep my original subdomain. Sorry if this...