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  1. audionation

    How do you do it X10 Hosting?

    How do you provide free hosting with such amazing plans for free with just the income with ads? Thanks, Steven Ross
  2. audionation

    Cool soundboards!

    Check this site out its so cool and the prank calls are really funny! Its Thanks, Steven Ross
  3. audionation

    Vertical Ads?

    Would it be good if you could choose what banner you want eg Vertical or Horizontal ? It would also be good for people who have PHP-Nuke as it would fit nicly in a block. Thanks, Steven Ross
  4. audionation


    Hi my name is Steven Ross and I am wanting to take a career in Web Deging. I am 15 years old and I am already on a Web Development course. I am really gratefull for the hosting that X10Hosting has given me. I am always on my computer because I love designing and browsing the web. If anyone...
  5. audionation


    Hello I have looked at and they support DNS. Can I use DNS woth my hosting account (I got the highest one). If so can I use if as my email address eg Thanks, Steven Ross
  6. audionation

    Audio Nation

    Hi, I have been designing this site in PHP and HTML tables and I would love some ideas as I want the web site to be as good as it can, I am installing a WAP mod for the forum and a WAP news section. Here's the link Audio Nation Thanks, Steven Ross
  7. audionation

    Ad Removal?

    Would you introduce a payment option so people can remove ads. It would be really good, I aunt saying the ads are hugh (actually they are very small). Thanks, Steven Ross
  8. audionation

    Editing the fottor on IPB

    How would I be able to as the AD code in the footer of IPB? Thanks, Steven Ross