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    Requesting Unsuspension

    Your account is not suspended at this time.
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    Unable to add second domain name on the free account

    We are aware of an issue that may prevent domain adding. Our team is reviewing this and should have it resolved shortly.
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    Resolved Disk Growth Request

    Increase has been approved.
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    Please Allow Me to Modify SSL Settings

    SSL access has been enabled on this account
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    Account terminated

    Account has been restored. However, Please note this can only be done on special cases to cases basis. Also in your case we do see you did not access your account between 9/27 and 12-2 well passed the required login attempts. We can also see that our system did send you aprox. 12 emails before...
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    Unable to add second domain name on the free account

    What is the domain name you are attempting to add?
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    Unable to add second domain name on the free account

    All domains are added via : NOT from DirectAdmin
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    SSL Request

    I deeply apologize for the delay. This should now be enabled on your account!
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    DNS search denied

    I have re-created your service for you and confirm I can access this. However, you will need to now update your nameservers are indicated above for this to fully provision.
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    SSL Certificate Error?

    I can c onfirm that is loading with a valid SSL at this time.
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    Request to increase disk space

    The majority of your current space is being used by WordPress plugin for site backups. These types of files would not be counted toward your actual usable quota for determining disk increase. While we do allow backups to be ran via scripts, we would recommend only keeping retention of one to...
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    PHP Mysqli erro

    I can see your domains loading properly at this time along with the mentioned php module loading. Please reconfirm on your end.
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    Requesting unsuspension

    Your account has not been suspended. What you have seen was a glitch in the client side and I can confirm your site and service has been active. I have refreshed your client section so you can now see it "Active"
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    Account not accessible due to country ban

    You should now be able to access your account
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    Resolved Disk space upgrade request

    I deeply apologize for the delay! I have approved this increase and you should see new storage available right away!
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    Please upgrade MariaDB 10.3 to 10.4+

    This is set to be scheduled later today during non-peak hours.
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    Eliminar cuenta x10hosting

    Those details will not be coming from our site. You may be confusing our services with a diff. company.
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    Cant connect to Cpanel nor SFTP

    SFTP is not enabled or allowed on free hosting. You must use standard FTP via port 21. The block is from your attempts at SSH. I have removed it at this time.
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    Is there a minimum plan I can buy to keep current status

    We have no current plans to raise the rate of the $11.95/ plan at this time. Our plan is for it to always be this price as long as the market allows.
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    Free SSL not working properly

    I can confirm a valid SSL is working for the mention domain name at this time.