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    what is social media marketing?

    I doubt the credibility of your question, your signature links shows that you run SEO services and its quite amusing to know that being a SEO guy you don't know about SMM (Social Media Marketing) ?
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    Search Engine Optimization Techniques – higher ranking results

    The best techniques to gain Rankings are - Guest posting web 2.0 Article Marketing Social Bookmarking on Top PR sites only. Post penguin era its important to build high quality backlinks Thanks
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    Please review my site

    first thing you need to provide a link to your site in your post than just in the title of the post. Site Review, remove the background Image, and if possible change the fonts - none of the fonts used in the layout look proffessional, change the color scheme to something more professional color...
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    Please review my Cleaning Company website

    Nice Corporate feel, I'm a web graphics designer / html, css coder - the site looks nice and has a corporate feel would have been good if you had used the web 2.0 feel more, its there in the icons but the buttons and navigation area has a corporate feel. overall simple clean and good site.
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox is better because of its lightning speed particularly the new version 17.0 is awesome, chrome has better resolution then firefox but over the years it has become quite slow while starting up and security in chrome is still a major issue. Still I would like to go with chrome because I'm a...
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    Free Wordpress Themes Collection by

    Whoa !!! thanks a lot really great stuff, I think a link back to your site is neccessary if i use any of these themes they look great. let me know, I will surely use it in future.Thanks
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    help me improve plz

    Your quotes are quite exemplary you must have some sort of experience with design industry, glad to see people helping each other here. The thing you said about yoga Australia logo is called as "negative Space" And for @Walid bro I have a golden advice for you, stop creating logos in...
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    How do you create a good website?

    Agreed but I add like to add one thing more 'php' a server side scripting language php or Asp would make the site look dynamic, these days static sites are outdated so
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    Cyber City Business Card Template

    Nice template sleek and stylish
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    Site not loading properly-error message being displayed

    Thanks for the reply, I think its the server problem, now I'm experiencing 500 internal server error in the backend of my wordpress site, never has been this problem. still i'm not sure if its the server problem or something to do with my data base i just checked my database in sqlDatabase...
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    Site not loading properly-error message being displayed

    Hello, My site : is not loading up properly - some times it loads properly sometimes this error message is being displayed : Error establishing a database connection Any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks
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    Free Wordpress Themes Collection by

    Thanks for the themes they look great - almost premium type themes
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    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    Great Unique Website Content and quality backlinks (guest blogging, article submission, forum posting etc) will Improve the chances of scoring high ranks for keywords in the post penguin update era of google. hope that helps
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    affordable proffessional logo design services

    Hello all, I'm a professional logo designer / branding expert offering affordable logo design services. please visit my website for more details : Regards Arfath
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    Site Down - Error establishing a database connection

    Hello, My site which is a addon domain on level is down error shown on the home page is this : Error establishing a database connection I have used wordpress for my site, please look into this matter. Thanks
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Thanks for fixing the problem. It's working fine for me SMTP.
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    @admin, guys I can understand that you are busy but an ETA on when this SMTP problem will be fixed will be good for us.Thanks
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Thanks for your message, ticket submitted 2 days ago - Ticket serial no : #24856 Title : Unable to send emails SMTP mis configuration on level. I hope the problem gets solved. Regards Arfath
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Well in that case i have opened a support ticket, May be I will get response from there but it will take some time. Our job was to make them aware of certain problem that we are facing and i think we have done that........... Regards Arfath
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Now this is getting a bit interesting.......phew, see the message below i got today : This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 24 hours on the queue on...