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    Ads don't work

    well i added the code, but they don't apear . Lol why ?
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    What is your favorit MMORPG

    Mine is Lineage 2 but also i play silkroad and cabal
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    [Selling] Forum Signatures for Credits

    So any sig costs 150 credits :) . Once you buy a sig it will be removed from the list and you will recive the sig with your name. If you want some extra modification it will cost you 75 extra credits. When you buy specify Name + Sig code(in the list of signatures) + any other modification you...
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    [Selling 4 credit] PSD Layout

    I give this layout to the highest bider :) . Once you buy it you will not have to give any credit in the footer, and i will not give this psd to anyone else . The bid starts at 1000 credits. or u can get it with out biding for a domain name , just post Buy with domain name and i will pm you...