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    Page load times

    Ok so i know its free hosting and my expectations wernt rly that high but its not uncommon to get this: Render time: 79.9219 sec, 55.8136 of that for queries. DB queries: 41. Memory Usage: 4,587kB Am I the only one getting this? It seems to have been getting bad since the move to level. Is...
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    Can't access cpanel

    cpannel works fine for me and im on level are u logging in through x10 main page? or going straight to the cpannel login?
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    Yup smtp and php mail are both working again :)
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    pointless ticket system on x10 ?

    I have never got an answer to any ticket i have sent. I know the admins are busy people but if they are not on the other end why bother having a ticket system at all? Perhaps it would be a good idea to get a few volunteer staff to be there to answer tickets and forward important stuff onto...
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    Mail not reaching its destination

    I am also having the same issue. Could one of you community ppl escilate my ticket (#25307) hopefully they will pay attention.
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    Website gone?

    Yup mine is gone too :/ I know its free but ever since the move to level things haven't been great for me :( im now often waiting 30 seconds for pages to load.