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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    No point going back and forth on this, Corey. Something's obviously wrong somewhere, but no biggie. If you can send me the last backup that you have, it'd be appreciated. Thanks
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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    Corey, I didn't post anything between the said '20 day period' because my account was fully functional prior to early this month when it became totally inaccessible. I'm automatically logged into the forum, so whenever I'm here, I'm logged in. If my account was suspended, I'm quite familiar...
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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    Thanks Corey. I have to say the log you've posted is inaccurate though. Not sure if you can check the login report on this forum but if you can, you'll be able to ascertain I was indeed logged in to the forum during that period. This is very unfortunate. It should be noted that some of the...
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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    Question, Daniel is: WHEN EXACTLY WAS MY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED? Because, I was still able to access the account about 2 days before the site completely went down. Normally, isn't there a Suspension notice one gets when the site is suspended, with an automatic link to unsuspend oneself? SO when...
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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    WHAT????????????????? What do you mean 'suspended for extended period of time??? My account was FULLY functional UNTIL a few weeks ago when this whole upgrade issue started at which point it went down. The presumed reason was that the servers were being worked on. HOW CAN MY ACCOUNT THEN...
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    Account down for SEVERAL WEEKS now

    My site's been down for about 3 weeks or so now, presumably on account of these upgrades. There was a warning here somewhere NOT to post any issues because there appears to be problems with the servers, so I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to wait till it finally comes back up or something else...
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    Any feedback on this, anyone? My site is still down.
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    yeah, but my site is still down... hence my wondering if there's something else I'm missing
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    I may very well be missing something, but I've waited a few days now and my site is still down. I 'think' I am on the 'stoli' server (can't confirm because site is down). I'm not sure if some work is still being done on 'stoli' that's responsible for my site being down. Can someone please...
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    Site, Cpanel NOT working

    Username: ubx10hos Primary Domain: Hosting Type: Advanced Server Name: Stoli (I think) I've been unable to access my site for the past several days. Initially, I thought it was due to problems outside x10hosting as advised by some threads so I simply waited to get the...
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    SMTP help

    How can I check to see if SMTP is up? I tried configuring SMTP on my account but I keep getting the following error: "Could not connect to smtp host : 13 : Permission denied DEBUG MODE Line : 112 File : smtp.php" Is SMTP blocked for me?
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    Is the server down or something?

    I've been unable to access my site and account since yesterday. Just wondering if some work is being done on the server end? username - ubx10hos
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    Sending bulk mail

    Does anyone have any idea on how I can go about sending emails to the 1,000+ people on my forum without flooding the system? I'd heard some complaints about bandwidth overuse so I'm concerned about that. However, I need to find a way of sending emails to these people without being a server...
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    Database Problems?

    Just wondering if there's some work being done on MYSQL. I just checked my cpanel and it appears as though my entire database is gone! Someone please update us. Thanks.
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    Can't Login

    Could you please reset my cpanel (and of course ftp) password? I can't login to either instruments. Thanks a lot.
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    Can't get ads to show up!!!

    Ok, I don't know what I may be doing wrong. The instruction says 'copy and paste code', I've done exactly that adn the ad still doesn't show up on my site. UI've tried pasting in different spots just to be sure but it still doesn't come up. This is for the advanced package.. is there...
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    phpBB Forum Problems

    I imagine this is probably just me, but I've been having SEVERE problems getting into my phpBB forum. I had this hosted by someone else before and for the most part, it looks like I've been able to migrate most of my stuff here. But the problems are I currently experience are: 1. Getting to my...