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    Anyone got any experience with google plus?

    Me...I Have and it was a good website. :)
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    The Ctrl+V game

    "75th Hunger Games Arena Visual Guide" From: ClipBoard :D
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    Quote It! - Share your favorite quotes

    "All Computers Aren't Created Equal." - Intel :D That's my Favorite :)
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    My Files were Automatically Deleted!

    My Files were Automatically Deleted when I logged in! HELP! Please!
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Notepad.txt This was on my ClipBoard :D
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    What is your favorite Songs/Artists?

    Any of these: 1. Everything - Michael Buble 2. No Boundaries - Kris Allen 3. Today My Life Begins - Bruno Mars :D
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    Server Error

    It Says: "There has been a server error. Please try again momentarily." How will I repair this thing? Please....Immediately. :|
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    The Ctrl+V game

    ΔKe + ΔPe + ΔU = ½ (Mass)Δ(Velocity)^2 + GΔ(Height) + ΔP/ρ + ΣFfriction + Wshaft + Q + W(PV) + ...
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    Change a letter!

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    Windows or Linux?

    For me... It's Both :D Windows and Linux has many functions.
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    How to post your own video without using Youtube, Vimeo etc?

    How to post your own video on your HTML website without using Youtube, Vimeo etc? Where I could find the best webplayer and how to use it? Thanks! :biggrin:
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    How to make the page load faster

    Thanks for your opinion! Now I know... :D
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    What is a good website builder?

    - I advised for blogging, use Wordpress. - Your website will be customizable when you develop using HTML and CSS. That's only my opinion! :smile:
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    How am i going to start to design a good site

    -First you need to know what site will you do. -Second you need to have a knowledge in codes like html and css for designing.