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    Review my site + forums

    Hey. Please review my website + my forum website. It's & Special Offer for x10Hosting Members who join my forum site and make some posts. I'll put your banner or link of my website on my site and forum site.
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    iGames:The Place for free online games

    Nice Games!!
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    account suspended

    it was one folder which was illegal, the rest of the thing was based on joomla for on which i spent a lot of time.
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    account suspended

    please don't that to me. i spent a lot of time on my website and now when the whole work was done. i made a mistake that i purchased a script without verifying it. give me a last chance.
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    account suspended

    is it possible can i get the backup of my account at least.
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    account suspended

    can it be the last warning. please. i beg u.
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    account suspended

    please. can u suspend me for some days and then reinstate my account, that way I get the punishment and learn something from it.
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    account suspended

    my account has been suspended for using nulled scripts. i didn't know that i was using one. i had purchased that script from someone else. i am very sorry about it and humbly ask the staff at x10hosting to reinstate my account. i have worked a lot on my current website and don't want to lose...
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    Tech Forum

    u shuld start a different topic for ur website.
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    Tech Forum

    did u design the template ?
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    suggest me some topic for chem project

    i am in 12th grade in india. cbse board. i need some good topics for my cbse class 12th chem project. the experiments for the project should be somewhat lab based (which can still be done at home). as per the cbse board the projects are for enchancing the analytical mind of the students. so can...
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    can't login into cpanel

    i am having trouble logging in my cPanel i tried logging in via and I entered by username and password but it didn't login and said " Login Attempt Failed! ", i know my username and password is correct.
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    can't install programs on windows 7

    i tried installing the samsung media studio for my mobile on my windows 7 pc. during installation it showed an error that it can't be installed bcuz i don't have administrator privileges. but my user account is administrator and i can manage other accounts as well.
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    review my website

    hey my site is completed now. plz review it. it's and plz comment on any of my articles.
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    tell me howz my website

    sorry forgot to mention the domain, its
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    tell me howz my website

    tell my how's my website designs. the website is based on joomla but the template has been developed by me. plz rate it out of 10 thnx
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    site not working

    my site hosted on the starka server is not working since morning.