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    Myspace-like clone here!

    Alot of people are having trouble finding a really good social networking script at an affordable price. Would it not be good if you could write one yourself ? In the next few weeks, I shall show how simple it is to write such a script. Ill provide you with a detailed tutorial of how to start...
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    File sharing is not illegal!

    I have been reading about the legal battles Pirate Bay is involved in at the moment. To me its utter nonsense that 'illegal' is the term that is used to label such a fine service. It is more a sign of corporate greed than moral standard that one is not allowed to share or help others share...
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    Writing your own chatroom/messenger?

    Free myspace-like community engines If you would like to have a community website and are having a hard time developing one, this is where you should start. I decided to write short reviews on a number of freely distributable and commercially available community site engines. Most of these...
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    While kickin it with a few of my pc freaks over the weekend, we had a quite heated debate about this issue.There were many views on this subject and most of them had valid points. Some believed that leaving a computer on will wear out components much faster while others believed that shutting a...
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    Cannot Format microSD !!!

    I am having a bad day!!! Was hoping to logoff soon but looks like ima be google-ing for a solution to my problem for most of 2nite, 2day, 2morrow... My 2GB microSD just did a number on me. I pulled it out of my laptop while some files were still copying and when I inserted it into my iPAQ...
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    Kill Vista with 2 Keys Only

    I like to mess around with Bill's operating systems because they are just perfect for a curious programmer like me. You can easily change the interface appearances, menu organisations, system messages and responses. Plus, you can pretty much 'build' your own windows from his...he he. But this...
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    3D Modeling Tutorial, anyone?

    Hey, I am currently trying to do some character modeling, texturing and animation in 3d max. Is there anyone who might be willing to give me a link or exchange such a tutorial with me? I have a video tutorial for car modelling(mustang). I am willing to upload it in exchange for a character...
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    C++, PHP, Assembly, Delphi, Java e.t.c Which is most powerful?

    I have had the opportunity to work extensively with assembly language(tasm/masm), C++(mfc,win32) , Javascript, and PHP. All these programming languages have their weaknesses but I beg to target only their strengths. When it comes to web development, PHP rules over Java hands-down! But then...
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    2008 Top New Technologies

    ULTRA WIDE BAND (UWB) It would be great if we could free ourselves from all the USB cables we have lying around our homes. That is where the wireless USB adapter comes in handy. It can create an invisible bubble around your favourite gear allowing them to talk to each other at around the same...
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    ioDrive Fastest Hard Disk?

    Ever wanted a superman-like hard-drive? Well Iodrive just made you one!!! It is based on a “revolutionary” silicon based storage architecture known as ioMemory, improves storage performance by a “thousand fold” while simultaneously providing sustained, random access rates “hundreds of times...
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    Biometric Flash Drives

    Up until recently, flash drives had a capacity of 4GB max. Then we saw a sharp rise in prduction of 8GB capacity flash drives. Now, if you have a 16GB flash drive you are pretty much in the cool running. Kanguru boast an overly priced 64GB flash drive...coming in at 2800$ which on average is...
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    Not that we'd put it past Microsoft or anything, but we can already smell a rumor brewing where there is probably none regarding the long-speculated and continuously denied plans to integrate an HD DVD drive into the Xbox 360. Granted, Bill's got to have something to talk about on stage at CES...
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    Template & Themes gratis!

    Hey, I know how it is to edit and ot modify the look of website packages since the developers intentionally design and encode them in order to defeat any amateur attempts at doing so. Anyway, I am here to offer any template design help that may be required. Just PM me and we'll see what we can...
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    Hello World

    Kinda like my 1st programming exercise huh! I am new here and hope that this service will be a lot better than my previous hosts. PS: HAPPY NEW 2008!!