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    Delete Account

    Please delete my account: account id: MJP03383473 account name: drbeatz sign-up e-mail: directory: public_html/drbeatz
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    If you travel faster than light, what happens?

    First, what type of light? As all light colors are of different frequency, they must (by definition) have different speeds. In addition, gravity affects light so it can be slowed or increased in speed. Also, many consider space to be a vacuum, but its more likely filled with stuff such as gases...
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    Like any artform, music can be pretty cool, or used as a weapon. It all depends on the maker of the music and their intentions. For instance, suppose people were put in a situation that required them to become very active in order to escape a life and death situation. A real villian could put on...
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    Communism is actually an economic system (like Capitalism). As an economic system, I think communism is pretty lame. There's no competition and thus it makes business pretty dull. Competition CAN be fun. As far as government support for people, what can you say? I guess it all depends on...
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    New Star Trek DVD offensive to Vulcans

    Yeah, that 2009 one. I just included *spoiler* as most people I know don't really watch movies unless they're on tv. I "rented" mine from the library... But to get back to the IMPLAUSIBLE plot aspects of that movie and more proof that "they" are trying to make the Vulcans look like idiots...
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    New Star Trek DVD offensive to Vulcans

    *SPOILER ALERT* I just got done watching the "new" Star Trek DVD. I guess it's an "all right" movie once you get past the "Starship Troopers" look and "idealism". Add about 40-50 minutes and you get some pretty "neat-o" special effects and action that are FAR more spectacular than previous Star...
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    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I like Atari for their awesome port/version of "Pitfall" for the Atari 800XT. Man, I could play those two levels over and over...and when you get to those underground caverns...all chills....
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    Gay marriage

    I think the idea that someone could be religious, and then believe that society needs to enforce social policies to keep the birthrate high is strange. I guess if your of the sort that needs more bodies to possess to win your religious "war", then the arguement for a high birthrate might be...
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    Site Not Loading

    Was reading about your mainframe troubles. My site is not loading, although I could PING it with success: bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=53 All four packets were returned...
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    Paid or Free Hosting

    To me, it's like this... FREE is good if it is offered correctly, but only for certain types of persons. I think personal sites should always get free hosting as they're not making any money off it, yet providing needed content to the still developing network. The same goes for businesses just...
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    # Special Characters FTP versus HTTP

    Didn't try that one. Not sure.
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    # Special Characters FTP versus HTTP

    I found this out the other day while uploading files to my X10 site and I thought some might find it interesting... Did you know that you can upload a file with a "#" in the name via FTP: FOR EXAMPLE: New Sample--Synth Bass C#.wav ...but you can NOT download that file via HTTP? You get an...
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    Really slow loading

    Tried today to view my site and it is taking forever to load pages. Maybe an attack? I dunno. Kind of disappointing. I'll check again later... ---------- Post added at 05:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:44 AM ---------- Well, it is loading faster now...
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    Cybernetic Replacements Vs Cloned Bodyparts Vs Natural Death

    So, you really think all that is going to happen in 50 years? Try 5 million years buddy (if yer lucky). Of course, they could always just do their "let's pretend it's true" stories, and then we can all talk about it like it makes sense. Seriously, can you imagine a science fiction story where...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty good. Kinda stinks you have to have your MS OS certified, but if you have that, then it's pretty cool. Updates pretty easy, configurable, has a right-click scan. Surprised it wasn't in your vote list.
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    Best search engine

    Back in the 9-0z, it was ALL about the Yahoo! search engine. They really had the "portal" system down, with local portals that had local classifieds, it was really cool (I bought a killa' fish tank off it once). Then they dumped that around 1999 and since then they've really blown. After...
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    Limit Vistors Question

    I'm posting this under "suggestions" as I'm pretty sure this is isn't possible on X10 currently... Q: Is there a way to limit vistors to a site? For instance, say I only wanted 10 people to view my site at the same time. If user 11 tried to view my site while those 10 people were still...
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    Best Electronic Mail Services

    I dunno about the government/US Postal Service charging fees. I suppose if they wanted to be morons they would, but such a business is well capable of handling the needs of secure message delivery, and the residuals from upsale (increased cryptology, fees for sending of vast amounts of e-mail...
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    Best Electronic Mail Services

    You know, (sadly), probably the best services for REAL security for electronic mail would come from the Feds (aka government). You know, like why didn't the U.S. Postal Service get into the electronic mail business? Free e-mail accounts, virtual post office boxes, expanded paid services like...
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    Best Electronic Mail Services

    Well, like I mentioned, I don't think Microsoft is the "be all end all" of electronic mail security, I'm just saying that you're more likely to get good security from a company like Microsoft than from group you've never heard of with absolutely NO ties to security or expertise in the field...