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    50 users is the maxium on ftp

    Is there a way to expand the ftp access as there's 50 users are already on the site and its maximized .. and I keep trying all morning to get on it to upload my items.
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    Important Poll

    agree to drop both of them there's no need of them.
  3. D files are gone after migration

    Hi there .. all my files are gone .. lucky i backed them up and will try to upload them and see it will get back up at .. right now it only shows cgi bin ... any suggestions I need to do ?
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    deafatlantic - chopin server site's down .. ftp still works

    hello .. and three other websites are all down and the ftp access still works. Can anyone check into this as its been down for a week
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    deafatlantic site and fp is down

    hello .. my website and ftp server is down due to ETIMEDOUT .. can you please advise what to do ?
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    Chopin Expedited Copy - patiently waiting ;)
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    DeafAtlantic Canada website is down

    Hi there .. My website is down at but all the files are intact on the ftp server. What seems to be the problem ? Its been happening for a week now when its down and its comes back online and goes down again. Let me know. Thanks !