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    Account Suspended

    Hi Hellsheep, Thanks for the help. Seems to be working okay now. I noticed my account status still shows suspended though. Thanks again, John
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    Account Suspended

    I requested account to be unsuspended on July 18. To date (July 22) my account is still susupended. Could you please release the suspension. Thank you, John Hughes
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    Cannot Display the Webpage

    I am on Starka. For the past two days my website has been unavailable. Trying to navigate to it gets the typical "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I do have access to cPanel, FileManager, and phpMyAdmin. Is this a wait and see or is action needed...
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    Appear to have Duplicate Database on server

    Thank you for the help. I looked for any such notification and must have missed that one. Sorry for the bother. I will keep an eye on the problem and see if it goes away. Thanks John Edit: When this migration is complete will there be a "merging" of what appears to be two unmirrored servers...
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    Appear to have Duplicate Database on server

    I've been working for almost 8 hours on my scripts thinking I had an error because my user signup didn't appear to working correctly. I've made the following discoveries. No matter how I change my script, and then upload it using File Manager, it has no effect. I view the script on the...
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    additional features...deactivated

    Why do I get this message when I add a new table to my database in phpMyAdmin: "The additional features for working with linked table have been deactivated" When I click on the link presented with the message it shows the following features disabled: General relation features Display...
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    Email does not Receive

    I'm using Squirrel webmail. I tried Horde, but it won't load. I've seen other users not being able to load Horde. I've sent emails from within Squirrel to myself, and from Outlook using my regular account from my ISP. Okay, and from your reply on other post, x10hosting is not my server...
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    Email does not Receive

    Thanks for the reply. No I haven't. How do I check the MX entries and what am I looking for. Sorry, still a little new here. Thanks again. :eek5: Edit: Okay, I found the MX entries (mail exchange) on my cPanel. The domain appears to be correct: The Email...
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    Email Not Receiving

    My email at does not receive mail. It seems to send okay, just not receive. No error messages, just no mail. I've tried sending to it from the account to itself and from my regular email account with no luck. It used to work fine though I haven't checked it in a while...
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    webmail issue

    Hi, I get the same message trying to use Horde, additionally Squirrel is not receiving mail. I'm on
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    The x10 email

    I must have missed something. What is @x10email, how do you get it, and how is it different from the regular email accounts you get with X10hosting i.e. Sorry, still pretty new here, still learning. Thanks:dunno:
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    Email does not Receive

    Hello, My email account is not receiving emails. It seems to send okay, just not receive. My account is on: Thank you, John
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    Error 1033

    I am receiving an error when trying to access any of the tables in my database. #1033 - Incorrect information in file: './jghughes_Census/US1850.frm' This occurs when accessing in phpmyadmin or from the website via code. I haven't done anything to the database since the last good access...