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    cannot install Phpbb

    You redid my site.........but, I have not added anything, I was just loading phpbb from the Fantastico and 3 times get this error message. When I go to home/dotcom/public_html/ That is not there to remove since I have not installed anything yet. Arggggg . Can someone have a peek?? Please...
  2. DotCom

    I need Help-and a new site

    I was wondering is there anyway for you to delete my entire site, and reset it for a fresh start? My whole thing is goofed up...I can't install anything....all I get is error messages when I try, and it says something about a damage to cpanel. Help, I am losing my mind now. If possiable I would...
  3. DotCom

    New a New Password please

    Hi.... Ok I now have a cpanel , But The password you provided me will not work. Can you reset it or send me a new one?? Thanks so Much!
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    Hello everyone! I am a female from NYC. Looking forward to knowing you all.:flowers: