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    my website

    check out my website
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    logging into cPanel

    I do not like the way you login to cPanel now. I am thinking about switching to another hosting company.
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    PHP 5.3 Upgrade

    When will you upgrade PHP on the chopin server?
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    word press

    When I go to my word press, I get two errors. Warning: require_once(modules/db/custom-contact-forms-db.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in...
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    All Free Server Updates

    Have you done the PHP update for the Chopin Server?
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    My Blog on Ubuntu 11.04

    Check my blog on Ubuntu 11.04 Let me know what you think.
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    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    When will the chopin server migration take place?
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    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    Is Apache, MySQL, and PHP going to be upgrading?
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    word press

    When I go to my word press which is, Word Press takes a long time to load.
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    Horde webmail

    When I log in to my e-mail account and click on horde, I get this error. A fatal error has occurred DB Error: connect failed Details have been logged for the administrator. I can get into squirrelmail.
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    Web Server and MySQL Upgrades

    When are you going to update Apache and MySQL on the chopin server?
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I use x10hosting for my two web sites and I like the cPanel program.
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    mysql databases

    When I pull up MySQL Databases in cpanel, it says that I have no databases associated my account. I should have two databases associated with my account.
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    not able to add an add-on domain

    I also host another website, which is CPanel says that they are no add-on domains under my account, but when I try to add-on, I get this message "Error from park wrapper: is already configured."
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    My websites are down.

    My websites that I host on are down. The websites are and Do you have any idea what is going on.
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    I still cannot login to cPanel. I have changed my password.
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    I have tried logging at and I am still not able to login into cPanel.
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    I cannot login to cPanel. When I login to cPanel, I get a message that says "Login Attempted Failed". I have double checked my username and my password, when I login in to cPanel. My cPanel username is ksprogne and my password is kevin77.
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    site not working

    I also host the web site When I access, I get a message that says "If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner."
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    site not working

    When I go to both of my domains on my hosting account, it gives me this mesage "If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner." My hosting account was on the lotus server.