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    Earn $1 everyday !!

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    Please review my site !

    Hello everyone, Please review my site & sent me suggestion so that I will be able to improve it. Site url is Thanks in advance:wink:
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    Please review my site !!

    Hello everyone, Please rewiew my site & give me suggestion how to I will be able to improve it:smile:. My site address Thanks in advance.:redface:
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    Please review our faculty site

    Hello everyone please visit our faculty's site faculty of Business Administration
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    Can't access cpanel

    Hello admin, I can't access to cpanel for a long time:eek:. I have posted help thread many time this before but don't get any support:confused:. If I don't have permission to access cpanel from Bangladesh then please delete my account from your site but before that I need my database file...
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    Receive 1,000 backlinks absolutely free!

    This site offering 1000 backlinks absolutely free8). You can check out it. After completing registration you will be able to crate your project && you will get a list of sites or forums where you site is added in a zip file by email:biggrin:.
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    Can't access my site

    Hello, I can't access my site:frown:. Whenever I enter my site I can see only the white page. I can't access cPnael also . It gives warning that "Sorry, we are not able to accept cPanel logins from your ASN or country of origin at this time".:( Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
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    Can't enter my site

    I can't enter my site. Whenever I try to access my site it show only blank pages:confused:. I can't access cpanel also:frown:. Please help me. Thanks ---------- Post added 08-15-2011 at 03:43 AM ---------- Previous post was 08-14-2011 at 06:16 PM ---------- There is no one to help me on this...
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    Can't access mu site !!

    I am tired:mad: to access my site every time it shows this error "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Is the server is online or you are no longer for free:frown:. My site run very slow all the time. Any solution ??:confused:
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    Can't change file permission

    I can't change file permission from my cpanel it show this error: "FileOp Failure on: /home/jibon57/public_html/tmp: Read-only file system":(. But I need to change the file permission to 777. Please help me.:eek:
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    Can't access my site

    I can't access my site. It shows this error :"The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. ". Even though I can't enter my cpanel. Is the server is closed. :frown:
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    Free domain name !

    You can check this link it offered free domain name(.com,org etc) i registered in it.
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    .htaccess not working

    I am using joomla for my site. But it seem to me that RewriteBase / not working. Any solution.
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    Can't post in forum

    I can't understand why i can't post in all thread ? Am i banded by administrator ? Plz help me.
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    SSH access !

    Can i use ssh access in free hosting package ?
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    Email not receiving

    I have sent an email from my site but it still not receive to me. What is the problem ? How many email I will be able to sent in an hour ?
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    name server

    Hello Admin, Please sent me the name server because i want to park my domain here.
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    Hellow everyone

    I am jibon costa from Bangladesh that is a neighbour country of India. In our country hosting is very expensive. I am a student of BBA in a public university so i will not able to pay such kinds of money every month. So thanks x10hosting.
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    Account activation

    Is my cpanel is ready to use ? If plz help me how i will be able to visit it. Or if my account not activate than plz activate it. Thanks