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  1. withambition

    Graphics Design

    I'm offering graphics design to anyone interested. You choose how much you want to pay (preferably a reasonable amount). I don't have any recent graphics to display, but I assure you that the designs will be as close to professional as possible. Please provide me with basic information...
  2. withambition

    Panda For President Check it out and feel free to leave feedback on DA or here. I didn't originally intend on this piece being serious, but it turned out serious... kinda. Thanks!
  3. withambition

    Graphics Design!

    I'm offering graphics design - banners, avatars, logos, etc. for however many points you wish to give. All that I ask is that you submit requests with detail. Image type, image size, color scheme, text, and whatever else you'd like on the graphic should be provided for best results. My work...
  4. withambition


    Hey guys, I'm just stopping by to say hello and such. There really isn't much to me, but I listen to a lot of music and I love to create art. Hows everyone doing?