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  1. kram17

    Helo everyone!

    Welcome to x10 Community... I'm a bit new here too.
  2. kram17

    very silly noobie

    first you have to login on your CPANEL.. then upload your files on the www or public_html folder.. for easy uploading files, you can use FTP up loader. :) welcome to x10
  3. kram17


    Hi there.. welcome to x10..
  4. kram17


    welcome to x10 websitedude.. hope you enjoy coding and building your site here. :)
  5. kram17

    looking for forum staff and software reviewrs

    i'm interested with this link ... Is it a redirect??? coz i test it... is it safe???
  6. kram17

    Free Software Suggestion

    nice link there... hmm i think i have to test it ... ;)
  7. kram17

    Can 10hosting surport ASP? or asp itself?
  8. kram17

    Domain Name

    hello straw33 .... welcome top x10 :laugh: sir zen-r, is this mean that i can pay for a domain name ( and redirect it to my free account here at x10 ?
  9. kram17


    welcome to x10 :laugh:..
  10. kram17

    Backups and You

    woooow... that's a taugh work to do... thank you for that.. is this back up thing is for the free user's? hmm anyway i back-up my files localy because we never know what will happen next..
  11. kram17

    Multimedia graphic designer portfolio

    the link does not appear...