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  1. dawmail333

    v_v at free account unsuspension

    I hadn't been around here for over two weeks, I came back and just got this message: This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. So yeah, I looked around for AGES and THEN found that link to automatically unsuspend, and so I've gone...
  2. dawmail333

    Do us a favour! Check me out!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could please check my site: Really helpful/useful reviews will be repped and possibly credited if I am capable. Also, anyone who can help me with the IE7 problem will get credits! Thanks all!
  3. dawmail333

    Messed up my custom error pages...

    You guys want the error pages for our sites to display your ads? I messed mine up so you'll want to change them back... I'm eagerly waiting for the time we get to make our own error pages just so long as we add the ad code.
  4. dawmail333

    Can't FTP

    When trying to access (via FTP) my site, FTP always times out. Also, I notice (and other people have reported) that mySQL is down. What's going on? EDIT: Http is down too. What is going on??? EDIT2: Not anymore. Apparently this is sporadic.
  5. dawmail333

    d3sign forum shoppe

    [ALL PRICES ARE IN CREDITS, INCLUDING IN THE AUCTIONS] Welcome to the d3sign shoppe! Please, post here/PM me if you want something made, cash on delivery. I can't guarantee I will be able to do everything, but I will certainly try. There's an auction running now! Synergy Logo (Viewable below)...
  6. dawmail333

    Can't specify error document

    For some reason, if I use this in my .htaccess, ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.phpno matter how I change it, it never can find that page. How do I use this on these servers? I hate the default 404.
  7. dawmail333

    Vending Machine (Game)

    Here's how it works: I say I insert something in to the vending machine (could be $1, could be something else). Then the poster below me tells me what comes out, and puts something in themselves, e.g: etc. etc. (I'd hate to be the next person...) So I'll start: I insert a half eaten...
  8. dawmail333

    Suggestion re: Banned Users

    I suggest that all banned users should have their points raffled: it seems a waste to see banned users with 312c...
  9. dawmail333

    What X360 Games do you like best?

    My favourites would definitely have to be: Disc: Lost Odyssey Samurai Warriors 2 Arcade: Small Arms Boom Boom Rocket N+ I'm also seen playing other games (Viva Pinata, UNO, Hexic etc). I'm no longer a gold by the way, but I'm happy to have friends; my tag is dawmail333...
  10. dawmail333

    d3 studios: Coming to town!

    Hey! I posted this in the intro section! Could a mod please move this? Hey! I'm new on this service, url is I'm hoping to soon have a web design service running, just need to check for any legal complications. So, who else is here?