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    Disk Space Policy Change

    This is a great news from x10hosting
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    Hello Everybody.. Greeting From malaysia

    Welcome . You will find it amazing using x10hosting service
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    Please review my site !!!!!

    Nice web site, but I think you should use TLD instead of 2nd TLD domain
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    How to earn fast in Google adsense?

    1. High ranking position in google search 2. Quality content 3. US or EU traffic
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    Hello from South Africa

    welcome to this great service
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    Can Not Add on Domain

    I can not add on domain in the Cpanel, it always says that the domain is owned by someone else, but I have changed the DNS to x10hosting one week ago. It seems the sever does not update the DNS record. Anyone can help me? my domain is Thanks
  7. seobirdfly36

    Addon Domain: Cannot add and always error

    I have set my domain dns to NS1.X10HOSTING.COM NS2.X10HOSTING.COM but when I add my domain, it always give me such error message: Error from park wrapper: is owned by another user. what can I do with this error?
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    Thank you X10

    X10hosting is on the way up of all web hosting service companies
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    Welcome to x10hosting community. Let's work together to get x10hosting better
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    X10hosting is great!

    It is the most powerful free web hosting I have ever seen!
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    Hello I am nere

    My friend introduces me this great place. Nice to meet you all.