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  1. Equiflux

    New Design

    I worked a few hours on it, and it's done... What am I talking about? My new intro page! Made entirely from scratch, the layout and everything is a fabrication of my mind. I'm pretty proud of it, so I just wanted to show it off. Haha.
  2. Equiflux

    Template not working with x10's version of PHP?

    Hello, I'm trying to use this template(I'm too lazy to make one): But, as you can see here: The the pages don't display properly. Anyone wanna help me out? Maybe the some of the syntax in the page isn't...
  3. Equiflux

    Windows Vista: The Ow starts now.

    Recently, I bought a new PC(I returned it, I'm about to tell you why) and it had great hardware for it's price. I paid about 688 USD for a system with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+(2.6 ghz PER core!), 320 GB HD, 1Gig RAM, and obviously the OS was Windows Vista Home Premium. The problem: Vista uses...
  4. Equiflux

    RAM Dumping

    I need to know if theres a command prompt command to dump the random access mem. Cuz I only have 512 megz and I think my OS constantly uses about 12 megs on its own, so occassionally it gets kinda laggy when I play games. So my question in a nutshell is: "Is there a command to dump my RAM, or...
  5. Equiflux

    I'm suspended? Cool!

    Whoa, I just noticed I got suspended, (I pressed the acknowledge button, not asking for an unsuspension) But wow, I just like how the new suspension system is, and I like how it tells you why you're suspended. That just saves the moderators time cuz they won't have to read nooby posts like...
  6. Equiflux

    Science says it's not living, but it's not dead either...

    The 8 characteristics of a living thing/organism: 1.Composed of cells 2.Each of its cells has a universal genetic code, DNA 3.Must be able to retain homeostasis ( Has to be able to maintain safe internal conditions) 4.Obtains and uses Materials and energy 5.Responds to stimuli/enviornment...
  7. Equiflux

    The Snowtown

    Hello, I've been workin on new sound arrangements/music lately and I just thought everyone here at x10 would like to hear my latest arrangement: and you can check out other music here...
  8. Equiflux

    Pure Elements - A sig by Equiflux

    I know I haven't made a new sig in a long time. So last night, I made a new one, and here it is: Comments?
  9. Equiflux

    Saving the World... In Style!

    Guess who that is. It's me. Helping Master Chief save the world.
  10. Equiflux

    [Offer] Small graphics done!

    Hey people, remember my skinwork thread? Well unfortunately, I'm still too busy to make a whole skin for forums, however I will be able to make various "small" graphics like sigs, banners, borders, buttons, emoticons and user interface icons for various prices, depending on the size/quantity...
  11. Equiflux

    MySQL Server Adress(es)

    Hey guys, I'm posting on Behalf of BMX0000198 or whatever the numbers are. But anyways, he needs to know the adresses of x10's MySQL Servers. Meaning for example, something like: Thanks.
  12. Equiflux

    Problem with the mail servers?

    I'm just wondering; What's with the mail servers? I don't think I'm recieving any mail from various other mailservers and I don't see any of my Email accounts in Horde under the inbox tab.
  13. Equiflux

    Can't place Ads. This is not what you think, Mods please read.

    Okay, lemme just explain first. I put up a clan/gaming section of my site. The problem is... Well I'm using e107 for this section, and I DID add the javascript for the Ads in my footer, however, Some skins don't show the ads. The Visitor is allowed to change the skins around as they wish though...
  14. Equiflux

    x10, Need more paid hosting members? >:D

    Dear x10 Staff, Over the long run, even though I've had some rough times with x10, it's all good. I just wanted you guys to know how much I appreciate how much you guys have done for me in the whole time I have ever been here. So... I am submitting the x10hosting link to various places...
  15. Equiflux

    CNAME Record handling with subdomains

    I'm just wondering; are you guys able to handle CNAME records or AAA records for Subdomains that are on our domain/accounts?
  16. Equiflux

    Ub3r Laggag3 t0 t3h m4X!!!

    Okay guys, I was playin GunZ the other day, and I cam across this lagger idiot that lagged SOO much he freakin teleported across the map and took NO damage. Okay right here is the screenshot: That's just outrageous isn't it?
  17. Equiflux

    The Never-ending story

    This is something fun I started over at my forums. The rules are: Continue the story by making a reply to the above poster's continuation of the story, keeping each of your posts at a maximum of 10 words. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I'll...
  18. Equiflux

    I'm back! Who missed me?

    Hey guys, I've been gone for a while, but I'm back and ready to start keeping the forums interesting! :love: Now kiddies, who missed me?
  19. Equiflux

    An "Affiliates" Program

    (Hey, I'm sleepy right now so excuse my retarded typing) Anywho I think it'd be fun if x10 had some sort of affiliates program where the more people you get to sign up here, the more points you get on the forums(would that be hard to code?) or like "Brownie Points" where you can avoid being...
  20. Equiflux

    Pointing a subdomain to another server

    Ok, I have my forums hosted on a different host, and I'm trying to point my subdomain, to this server:, I can't do this is cpanel, because all I can setup is a redirection and that's it. so could a staff member do this for me? Here's some other info...