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  1. silverbird775

    Please review site!

    Something to be done with a title banner (logo), exactly with "Phillips" and "Singer & Songwriter" part. It's unreadable pixel mess in my eyes. Yet i could decipher it indeed, even pretend it as a dummy banner but i'd call it to be remade soon for a more readable and pleasant look. Other then...
  2. silverbird775

    How do you create a good website?

    Here is my top six tips for a success: Number ONE: Users are not stupid. 2) Content, the worthy unique content will be associated with a certain page on wild really soon. The content may be copied elsewhere, but still no one will be able to reclaim what is yours, you will attract search...
  3. silverbird775

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for having no mercy to hungry people. Just look at his suffering face on the avatar. Skin is pale and eyeballs rolled, its agony. He needs more x10pizza to survive.
  4. silverbird775

    Elitist, Racist AND Dictatorial Country Restrictions

    First let me express my gratitude to x10hosting for a best hosting up to date! Your hosting service is easy to use and reliable furthermore it keeps improving. That makes the confidence in x10 and builds a trust likewize a personal relationship. Simply enjoyable. Still there is some odd...
  5. silverbird775

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for being the ban term addict. Enjoy!
  6. silverbird775

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Both are banned because of ban overdraw!
  7. silverbird775

    euro crisis

    The topic starter did mention the Euro Zone probably. Cannot see a reason the European Union will fall into pieces any soon if ever. The globalisation will make you to unite regardless, make you to standardize with just everyone in every aspect of your life whether you find it okay or not so...
  8. silverbird775

    Language Problem

    forentr When in trouble please check the hosting status news: There is your problem listed too.
  9. silverbird775

    Please provide more details on status page

    It would be very helpful. But how about the health status/health bar for each of server subsystems instead of logs? Cascade failures may clutter the automated logging making it unreadable or even miss something important. The actual subsystem status is the only information the user can be...
  10. silverbird775

    Saying my disk is full?

    The cpanel's Stats bars will tell when expanded. The cpanel is accessible through
  11. silverbird775

    Boru - SQL Down since April 6th - Boru Maintenance Complete?

    Judging by experience my forum stormed a lot the last week and was offline almost all this time but right now it is up and sound for quite a time. All error logs are clear, the SQL server is responsive enough. It seems the only Boru's problem left the administration aware of is the mail service...
  12. silverbird775

    Boru - SQL Down since April 6th - Boru Maintenance Complete?

    Nope, the maintenance is not done yet (for all servers?). My forum is long time down except for a short time windows online. Thanks all the goodness my site jacket and most essential pages are made of pure html, so i'm able to survive. I had my home PC fired, the office electronics went rampage...
  13. silverbird775

    Boru - SQL Down since April 6th - Boru Maintenance Complete?

    It's strongly recommended for you to bookmark this page in your browser. Reading the news form the first-to-check source simply saves me from the copy-paste work.
  14. silverbird775

    run out of disk space , how can i increase it?

    I see.. Your topic name should had some 'account upgrade' notion then because the only way the user can increase the space is to delete something of non value. Al least leave a proper post for adminstration here that you requesting the account upgrade just dont leave them guessing.
  15. silverbird775

    Why my cPanel got this error? It's alive and keeps updating. You may want to add it to favorites in your browser, it saves your time posting and waiting for response. Please post when you think your case is not in the list.
  16. silverbird775

    run out of disk space , how can i increase it?

    Had you looked for Sticky Thread before posting you would not ask. You should look for and first then ask for acount upgrade if you...
  17. silverbird775

    Questions about Upgrading

    The Prime membership have "Doubled CPU and memory resources". As well as "Doubled package allowances - Domains, databases, FTP accounts, and email addresses". With Illuminated membership you will be moved to a separate set of servers with 99% uptime guarantee. Everything Doubled as well...
  18. silverbird775

    free user - visiting forum or portal

    Please read the latest announcement. The correct way is to visit the account portal. The best way is always to visit the account portal first through the favorites tab. It's really handy sinse the account...
  19. silverbird775

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agree. I ban him for not having avatar too. BTW, yours is too dark so i ban you as well.
  20. silverbird775

    Is it possible to switch from Chopin to Starka?

    ...Unless the admin will re-create the user profile by personal touch or by some handy script. Which is certainly not a normal practice for x10hosting, and have never been. So the best way for an end user to switch a host is to delete the current account and create a new account. There is a...