150$ totally free to play online poker !!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ptitof, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    Hi all !
    Non-referal: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/
    gives you 150 TOTALLY FREE DOLLARS to play online poker !!!
    NO DEPOSIT NEEDED, NO CB NEEDED, it's a totally free bonus !
    You just have to register, answer to a 20 questions quiz (all answers are on the site, look an eye while answering, and send me a private message if you have any problem !), and you will receive 50$. Play a bit with it and you will get 100$ more !
    You will be able to withraw funds by any way of your choice (Credit Card, Neteller, Moneybookers and many others) after playing some hands and unlocking the 100$ bonus.
    You can play Texas Hold'em (fixed limit, no limit, pot limit), Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Stud, Stud Hi-Low... Any kind of poker that wou want !

    And that's not all.
    Pokerstrategy is a real poker community with many articles, advices, coachings, lessons, bonus, freerolls, forum : all to learn to play like a pro !
    You've nothing to lose, it's fun, and you can win money...

    Don't forget that poker isn't only a luck game, like slut machines or online casinos ! Play with skill, play good poker and you will win !
    Luck is bonus...
    So good luck to you all !!!
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  2. merrillmck

    merrillmck New Member

    Seems like this business will tank if it is relatively simple to join and then withdraw $150. Hmmmmmm
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  3. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    "You will be able to withraw funds by any way of your choice (Credit Card, Neteller, Moneybookers and many others) after playing some hands and unlocking the 100$ bonus."

    No, you'll be able to withdraw only after playing a bit, when you've made any rake to make the pokerroom win money... Their business works, don't worry...
  4. John Klyne

    John Klyne Community Advocate Community Support

    The business will not tank, in my opinion, before people cash out, they of course get a percentage,...when he refers us, the precentage that is taken from him, is in a way givin to us,...or when other people cash out, the percentage goes to the site then the rest of the percentage goes to the new users...it is only a means to get people to stay with the site, they know, that if you pass the quiz, you are in fact going to play big and LOSE big, and when you lose, or win, it does not matter for them, they still get more money out of you or your referrals or friends one way or another...ptitof, nice bottom banner for poker strategy...how does this sound...for blackjack...(not counting cards...)

    lets say there is a min of 1 $ to bet, and no max?...whatever it does not matter...

    you bet one, if you win, you get 1 dollar, congrats...
    but if you bet one, and lose, the next time you bet, 3, so when you win, you make 2 : ) but if you lost that also you bet 5 and so on...bet in increments so that if you lose, it does not really matter because when you win, you would have bet enough to make it as if you won all the other rounds...

    You need to be good at math, (I think I messed up on the above equation)...but friends have tried it, and made thousands of dollars on it, (not tried on the internet/through the computer but in real life).
  5. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    Yep, already heard about that...
    But you need to have a big bankroll to apply this strategy...

    By the way, i'm pretty good at maths, and it's nice for playing poker... You have to calculate odds everytime...

    Good luck to you
  6. merrillmck

    merrillmck New Member

    I don't really understand what you just said ... but it sounds like.

    Those appear to be contradictory statements. But going back to my first line, I really didn't understand what you were saying.

    I'm good at math too: 11*11 = 121 (see I got past my single digits multiplication tables)
  7. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member

    Gambling is for losers, in my opinion.

    I don't even buy lottery tickets.

    Betting offices, online bingo, casinos etc all exist because they make money. Lots of it. The only place this money comes from is out of the pockets of Losers. Don't tell yourself that you might win, because the odds are always stacked against you.

    The way that the most dodgy of these businesses convince punters that they might earn money in the long-run by using "systems" such as was outlined earlier, is if they are setting the punters up for a big fall later on. Much the same way as pyramid selling or Ponzi Schemes work, they can delude you with early payouts to make you think that you're onto a good thing, only to collapse & disappear with all your money later on.
  8. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    I'm talking about online poker : you play against other players at a skill game. Not only luck for the long term, even if the site is the biggest winner.
    I'm making money playing poker, just by playing better than my opponents...
    Just read anything about No Limit Hold'em and believe me that's not really gambling.
  9. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    I hope you will choose pokerstars for your free bankroll : that's the biggest site, with many promotions and always a seat for playing the limit of your choice...
  10. zwiwh1slle

    zwiwh1slle New Member

  11. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    you're welcome... good luck !
  12. John Klyne

    John Klyne Community Advocate Community Support

    Gambling for losers...yea if you gamble you will lose, making you a loser...but don't gamble...play with a specific system and you will no longer be a loser...

    I play blackjack...specifically for that my system makes me x dollars guaranteed....(I HAVE NEVER LOST) MONEY in this system of mine.

    Is gambling for losers...yes...is playing smart...for losers?? Nope...play smart is for people who are "smart"...play with a system, and stick to it, and you will do well...

    Truth is, I have never lost money on playing blackjack or poker...my earnings are greater with blackjack with my system...it's some nice side income, about 2 thousand dollars extra for the week. I don't think that is bad at all...

    Think about a system...test it out with your family/friends/wife and check where it is flawed...

    Do I "gamble" or "play smart with a system"?? I play smart with a system and yes I NEVER lose money.

    Here's wwhat you can try...bid x dollars...when you lose, WHO CARES...bid x dollars times 2 + y dollars.... when you lose, you bid x dollars times 2 again plus y dollars....sooner or later YOU WILL WIN...and when you do, it will be as if you had won all your past bids...not sure if that makes sense, I am in a rush...(I have a blackjack game) starting in a 30 minutes, in the lobby....

    Have fun everyone...PLAY SMART...you will not be a loser...FORGET EMOTIONS...AND YOU WILL WON...TEST OUT YOUR STRATEGY...AND YOU WILL WIN...

    (I am right at this moment, using money I won last night...above that, my wife does the same EXACT THING as me... : ).....

    We don't count cards...(I suck at math)...but strategy buildings/putting away emotions....I AM GREAT AT...

    Have fun once again...don't gamble.."PLAY SMART"...with your own proven strategy.
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  13. batman1

    batman1 New Member

    poker. Chances are you will loose more than you make.
  14. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member


    You seem to be pushing this quite hard. And looking at your writing style, I'm wondering....

    Are you & the original poster, pititof, one & the same person?

    Anyway, good luck to those who wish to take part - but I wouldn't be too confident if I was you, that you can win as John claimed.
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  15. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    i swear that post wasn't from me.
    I hate blackjack lol

    may the Force be with you
  16. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member

    Hehe. No problem.

    We get a few multi-account holders here, who do the alternate posting technique like that from time to time (unless they get caught!)

    But I'm happy to believe that you aren't the same person as John Klyne - it was only a minor suspicion, based on his seeming enthusiasm to support your thread! :)
  17. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    You've been jumping to conclusions a lot lately zen-r. You seem to think everyone's cheating. Granted you're right half the time, but you still do it too much! ;)

    Anyways, while I don't necessarily agree that gambling is for losers or that you'll lose at gambling, it does lead down a bad path eventually and many people who have started and lost much later wish they had never started.
  18. zen-r

    zen-r Active Member

    "Gambling is for losers" is a common expression which means pretty much what you have just said. You don't need to take it literally.

    Where have I (wrongly) accused anyone of anything? In this thread it was just a question (based on experience) not an accusation. If you are referring to taha, he just doesn't seem to understand a leg-pull, as you've seen for yourself! :)
  19. ichwar

    ichwar Community Advocate Community Support

    I was referring to taha as well as some other new guy who joined recently who's post I can't find. Of course I also said you aren't always wrong, for example with the zubair incident...
  20. ptitof

    ptitof New Member

    New VIP club on Titan Poker : now the best VIP club online !

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