An urgent question on ads to the admin/x10hosting CEO

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by lionheart8, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. lionheart8

    lionheart8 New Member

    Hello :)

    I asked a question or 2 in past threads and as much as I remember did not get an authoritative response from the admin.

    My main site has the code for the advanced plans, as can very quickly be established. I inserted it weeks ago, shortly after getting site access info.
    I pointed out that for some reason there was no banner as I might have probably wrongly
    expected, though one can see a text link at the top of the site. One forum member attributed my not seeing the banner to my having ad-blocking software.

    I requested to know since my other directories are until further notice not yet for public access, but for testing some fantastico scripts (etc) like Drupal, Tiki wiki, etc (I'm always changing the scripts here), that I might later use, instead of inserting the ad code (I'm quite new to php, etc) if I could password protect these directories as one prominent forum member suggested. This was weeks ago. I repeated the question not long ago (last entry in above thread) only to have my site suspended a little later.

    I did not contest this, because I did not want to risk the consqeuences of losing.
    I do still request the admin. to respond. It can very quickly be established that the traffic to those directories is very limited & from only a handful IP addresses belonging to the few different PCs in different places here I use (& same location) + at most one other partner.

    So once again, is it admissible to password protect the couple of other directories which are not part of my current main site or not - instead of trying to insert ads when some of these scripts will only be there for at most a few days & not accessible or of interest to the general public?

  2. Corey

    Corey I Break Things Staff Member

    You may test stuff without ads if they are in separate directories that are not linked to anywhere. That means if a staff goes to your site and can get to the 'testing area' and does not see ads you will be suspended. I suggest making a directory and put everything you are testing in there without any links to it anywhere.

  3. Fedlerner

    Fedlerner Former Adm & Team Manager Community Support

    Maybe also password protect it, so that they know that the testing area will be only seen by you..
  4. lionheart8

    lionheart8 New Member

    Hi, thanks for the quick response.

    If u check out my site you will note I currently have /drupal , /postnuke, /tikiwiki, for example - all these are already password protected. I'm currently uploading the beta version of Drupal 5.0 ... just released ... (intend to protect it after complete upload), to check it out.

    About being linked, I dont know if I get u... None of them is linked to my main site, but since I'm testing them with some content, they are likely to have some links to external sites, like sources of rss feeds, or some trial entries in links sections, like user suggested links.

    Can I presume that suffices?

    A small correction: I have the corporate plan & I inserted the corresponding code, at that time.

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