Attempting to point custom subdomain to x10 site


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EDIT: I seem to have figured it out! I ended up going into Namecheap under Advanced NDS and adding this to it:image_2022-05-22_134857811.png
I added my custom domain to my x10 site as well, and put in as a subdomain. These two things seem to have solved my issue, and I've achieved what I was looking to do! Here was my original question below.


Hi, I would like to apologize in advance if this question makes no sense or has an easy solution, I've attempted to look up quite a few things but I just don't quite understand how to accomplish what I'm trying to do!

I recently bought a custom domain, My main website that I own is hosted on ( I was able to successfully point my domain to my neocities website, so going to successfully opens the neocities website, and entering the neocities url opens the site while displaying the URL. However, neocities does not allow subdomains, which is where x10 comes in.

I have a second site hosted on x10, located at Ideally, what I would like to do is have my normal domain,, lead to the site I have hosted on neocities, but have a subdomain called lite.koinuko.neocities lead to the site hosted on x10. Thus, the part I'm having trouble with is with the subdomain. I'm not sure if I have to create the subdomain through my registrar (Namecheap) first, and then link it to x10, or if I just point my x10 site to the domain...?

If it helps, these are the host records I already have set up for the neocities portion. I find this sort of confusing, but I was able to do it because neocities had a tutorial. I've looked up multiple forums on how to get a custom domain on x10, but I can't seem to find how I would include ONLY a subdomain. I'm not sure what I need to add to the host records to achieve what I'm looking to do.
Once again, I apologize if this is sort of a dumb question. If anybody has any ideas or information I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
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im not certain if you can use subdomains as a top level domain name.
or in your case point a subdomain to x10 hosting.
ive never heard of anyone doing that.

you would always normally point your TLD (top level domain) to your files not sub domains to them.
maybe someone can help more with this.