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Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by frznmnky, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    Hey I just started a website its pretty simple, let me know what you guys think of it! suggestions are always welcome

  2. Jesse

    Jesse Active Member

    Nice Game Arcade.
  3. satheesh

    satheesh New Member

    Nice Website.
  4. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    thanks guys if u have any games you would like me to add i have added a forum where you can post the games you want me to add!
  5. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    if u cant see the games dont worry its cuz of the STOLI MySQL being down wen it comes back up u will see them
  6. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    the servers are almost done being worked on so the site should be fixed .. plz visit it and tell me wat u think!
  7. cityeyes

    cityeyes New Member

    Still can't see the games myself. I'll have to wait a bit longer, I assume. Looks good though!
  8. taekwondokid42

    taekwondokid42 New Member

    I like the logo (although Luigi's Mansion should probably be updated to Mario Galaxy), but I think that there is too much white space. I'm assuming some of this will be fixed when the games come back, but look at the x10hosting forum. The blank space is a bluish color, not white. If you change the white I'm guessing it will add more appeal to the site.

    Also, what program is the forum?
  9. cityeyes

    cityeyes New Member

  10. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    Yes Cityeyes is corrent its SMF u can install it from your cPanel by visiting Fantastico... and the blue space will be fixed once the games come back online!
  11. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    chek out the site its back up.. the forums dont work but all the games and stuff works..
  12. Sohail

    Sohail New Member

    I like it a lot. I don't think i would have any suggestions apart from one. Maybe you should make a page 2 button at the bottom of your page to place the rest of the games; it would load much faster and look better too.
  13. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    Updated the template chek it out ! have to reload the games again!
  14. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    finally almost everything is bak to normal.. chek it out.. click some ads if u can!
  15. sunils

    sunils New Member

    good site

  16. Loneua Technologies

    Loneua Technologies New Member

    It is a great site,

    Lots of games.

  17. frznmnky

    frznmnky New Member

    thx for ur input.. i am probabaly gonna add more games and hopefully change the template.. make it neater
  18. pgames

    pgames New Member

    Nice game Collection. Im going to try it at school, since gamesites are blocked there. Hope it works cuz it gets boring in my computer course.
  19. Loneua Technologies

    Loneua Technologies New Member

    It would be a great idea to get a new template every now and then,

    If you consistently update your website you will get a lot of returning

  20. dirtracer36

    dirtracer36 New Member

    Nice website. I thought it loaded fairly fast. Might be long loading for someone with dial up. You should fix the double ads also.

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