Chopin database connection error


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Hi all,

For a few days now I am not able to connect to Chopin’s mysql. I am using exactly the same parameters as I was before (localhost, username, pass, database…), and suddenly (after the server update), strange things started to happen. I am a bit confused, because yesterday and this morning I was able to connect after few page refreshes!!! Now, it completely went down.

I checked database permissions, and localhost is permitted. Nothing happened with the user, as well.

For this kind of symptoms I will guess that something is wrong with the server, by I am able to access from the cPanel without any problem.

Please help.

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Ghh, now when I open my page the only thing I see is "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

This is a sort of system message.

Please help. What is going on with Chopin?