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I started a online radio a few months ago, but never had much time to work on it. Now I have time, I'm working on the site layout. I am looking for some DJs and bands that will give me some music to play back. I am also looking for people that want to have there own show. If you want to have your show hosted by my shoutcast server, please see here for details. If you want to send me music, send it to
My url is
Listen Here

Jobs availible:
DJ (looking for 4 more)
Music Hunter (look for music that can be played back for free)

I may add more jobs later. I will soon be needing help with the homepage.

Please p.m. me an application if you want to be a DJ or Music Hunter. If you want to use my shoutcast server, you can also p.m. me for that (I will answer your request faster).

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When can you DJ:
Why you want to be a DJ:
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--start of Music Hunter application—
Are you good at finding websites:
Why you want to be a Music Hunter:
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