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    Edit: Okay, someone MUST be able to answer, if they can't, then its because they don't use this website, cause they cannot use it if they don't know.

    Not that I object with the tutorial videos, but all they do is show how to type info in small squares. Not anything that explains what it does. First, I added a parked domain, but maybe I needed to add-on it, or whatever.

    The fact is I just chose that domain,, and it was added. How can you do that? I didn't do anything to prove the ownership of that address... but it says it has to point to your servers? How do you do that? I subscribe for my domain on a forum creation website, but now I'm trying to use it here. I know that adress was registered with my own name and personal info.

    Second, what are all those things in Cpanel and in file management? There's already many stuff in that. For now, i'd just like to be able to have a fully empty account, and place an html page for domain and sub-domains. exemple:when on adress in browser is, its my main page that I chose that is at this adress and shows. not rediredict to example:
    like for example this forum index, which is at

    and can I destroy my sub-domain for registration? I only want

    and then I could upload myself other pages with those simple html relative location links, and build an html website. Plus I could add thereafter scripts and such free stuff I find on the web and all associated files in the right place. That way I can keep my website and content I made in a folder on my computer, and easily transport it.

    Example, I got my folder at home for my website, i got folders in it associated with subdomains, like www., forum., directory., etc. That way I can place different index.html pages in each of them that will be associated to domain, like one that will appear on (mains site page), (associated main page+ a directory script and files), and so on.

    Because i only know basic html, and use Mozilla composer, cause its free and easy. For graphics, I can easily do them myself. So the hardest part to start being a "Real Webmaster" would be figuring out what are the stuff already in file management, and such. So how can i put a file but not in home>namjies>"filename"?

    For the folders and files in home/namjies, I figure they are files for other options, like e-mail accounts, hotlink protection, logs files for stats, etc. So I guess I'll just have to leave that alone.Those aren't options too hard to administrate after all with the CPanel.

    But if I leave all things in home folder alone, how can I upload files directly on my domains/sub-domains, and see like a main.html appear under the home/namjies folder instead of in it? Cause i can only upload files in that folder.

    So, in short, I'll get the hang of the other options fast since its nothing too complicated, but I need to know:
    -I to set content to appear on direct domain and sub-domains address
    -How to upload files elsewhere than in home/namjies directory
    -How to use my domain and subdomain I added to my account so they work when I enter it in my browser.

    Because for now I don't even know how to place an index page/main page.

    Thank you,

    Can I reset my account? I think I'm scrapping the whole thing, deleting files.

    And the getting started wizard explain only some very basic aspects of CPanel.

    Its driving me crazy, so if anyone know how that panel is supposed to worked, please tell me. I think everyone agree a host is worth nothing if you can't even set up a homepage for your domain.

    and now that I deleted stuff in my filemanagment, can I get it back without resetting my account?
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    Wait! Thats an old post! delete it! lol
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