DarkCel Designs - Need Staff


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Dear X10 Users,

DarkCel Designs is getting ready to open, and there is a lot of staff positions open.

In need of:
♦ Talented PHP Coders to write site scripts
(Guitar Tab Library, Music Review System, and User Membership system etc)

♦ Talented Web Designers that want to sell their work, great way to get out there starting to make a name for yourself.
(Join the design team and you will have your own section in "Members" where your personal portfolio and contact information can be found.)

♦ Users interested in writing Guitar Tabs, and Music Album Reviews

♦ Users interested in moderating forums (Note: Must have previous moderator experiance, not including a forum of your own.)

♦ Users interested in moderating online chat (through mIRC,) and shoutbox chatter.

Contact Me

You can contact me in several different ways if your interested in helping out:

Email: Arucard.98@gmail.com
AIM: Arucard9898
MSN: Arucard98@cox.net
YIM: Arucard9898
Or just pm me on the forums, thanks.