difficult site to understand


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Been writing web pages for over 15y now. Have a masters in electrical engineering.
I can't understand this web site. WOW!!! very difficult, needs to be more user friendly.

I want to upload my .html with my ftp uploader.
Where is all the info I need to set up my ftp numbers etc?

I will look at other hosting, unless this is fixed very soon.

Anyone got any clues????????????????????????????????

Sorry, frustration is a place you never want your customers.
Get your act together fast X10 please.


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I agree with you that a lot is left for the client to read between the lines. After having spent the last 20 years before retirement in writing technical based operating procedures in the chemical industry, one thing you learn is to write or describe a process in precise language. I was writing for understanding of operators with less than a bachelor's degree to chemist and engineers up to PHd degrees.
One of the biggest contributors to the problem may be so much texting going on; too much abreviation, use of acronyms and trunkation of words, a trunkation, acronym or abreviation may not mean the same to you as it does to me.
With a dozen other web sites besides the one on x10, it took me a while and a bit of fruitless searching to realize that there was no "Submitt" button for submitting a Support Ticket. Just simple items as this should be explained.
A lot of the time, personnel using acronyms do not know what they stand for and this should be a requirement for someone writing or administrating a program. I'm reminded of my first experience buying a cell phone. The sales person/technician was talking about the SIM card; when I ask what a SIM card was and what SIM was an acronym for he became very flustered and finally he admitted he did not know what SIM stood for, but you needed the card for the telephone to work.
A simple thing as placement as with the varification box to submitt your message, should be placed after the message box in the area of the submit button.