Donate to the relief Effort for Katrina


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A Statement From WoR-Radio:

"We at WoR-Radio are experiencing the disaster close to home. Four of our staff and their families live in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi, areas hardest hit by Katrina. We are getting first hand reports back of the loss of property, possessions and life. This is a tragic and horrifying event in American History. For the next week, WoR-Radio will be holding and event called “Pay to Play”. The DJs of WoR-Radio will be accepting donations via our website through PayPal or credit card. Each person who donates will be able to request one song, which will be played on air by the current DJ. Every cent will go to the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. Each business that donates to WoR-Radio’s Katrina Relief Fund will be listed as a contributor on both our website as well as on air ads. Please assist us in supporting those affected most by this overwhelming natural disaster."

Please donate, even if you can only donate a dollar.

What happens after every $1000-$2000 donated:

Thank you if you donate. If you cannot donate, please spread the word of this.

They will be donating the money from anywhere to their local towns that were hit and the Red Cross.