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Well hello people. Im hosting a file server from my computer (as a funny thing to do) and a thing im trying to do is to break my personal record of having 250 downloads in one week. For that im willing to offer a fair amount(the whole aprox. 200gb of my harddrive). Of course rediciulusly large files will not be tolerated, but if someone needs some extra space on their site their free to upload on my page.
There will be a small linkbucks ad later on (probably never to be seen becouse they never really enter my site) so i can earn some revenue for bigger disks.

As for how often its hosted. From 06.00 (swedish time i think thats +1) to 08.00 and 16.00 - 23.00 school times otherwise from 06.00-(between 24.00 and 02.00)
Bandwidth is my whole internet connection, 10MB upload to be more exact.

You dont have to registrate at all. Not even tell me who did it. Your IP will be seen by me but as for me i dont really care a god **** **** about doing anything else withthem exept is someone uploads viruses in wich case their IP will be blocked without further notifications. The folder is also scanned each five minutes.

If you wonder anything just post it in the forum right here (i love this place, preatty guest friendly).

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An example. You dont have to download the file (its Android 2.2(Froyo) for samsung galaxy 5 i5500)
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