Free proxy software (Freegate)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cenobite321, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. cenobite321

    cenobite321 Member

    Just to let you know about this awesome proxy program that is called Freegate. It was designed originally for China Internet users to surf through the web faster. You can use it also to stay anonymous on the Internet and it really works like a charm. Oh, it is also free by the way.

    Here's the download link (zdnet):
  2. lanxce

    lanxce New Member

    There's another called ultrasurf...i use it when freegate is taking long to connect.
  3. loksevak

    loksevak New Member

    I think instead of using softwares, we can use Mozilla Firefox with extensions like TorProxy etc. This would be better.
  4. flamegas

    flamegas New Member

    I prefer using your-freedom .
    The server are more stable than Freegate (or) Ultrasurf.
    I am using both softwares.

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